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Business leaders are people whose talent and vision help the economy and countless individuals achieve their dreams and goals. Their secrets to success can sometimes be found in videos, interviews, articles, etc. However, one of the most sought-after recipes for success is the good old books. If you are interested in eventually publishing your book, we have good news for you. Last month our CEO, Brett Trembly hosted a webinar with an incredible guest, mighty Steve Gordon.

Steve is a 2-time entrepreneur and best-selling author of 5 books, including Unstoppable Referrals and his latest book, The Million Dollar Book. Steve and his team help innovative entrepreneurs go from being the best-kept-secret in their industry to being “The one who wrote the book” in 30 days. Come join us and learn the ultimate secrets and tips and start writing the book you’ve always wanted, and have it ready in 90 days!

Unlocking Credibility and Recognition

You need to ask yourself, what’s the one thing you can do such that by doing it, everything else becomes easier or unnecessary? The answer will provide you with the path you need to focus on to grow as a professional. You need to think outside the box, and the best way to do it is to actually get into someone else’s box. You can find inspiration, ideas, and mistakes to avoid.

Getting out of the struggle, the dreaded blinking cursor can be challenging. The idea and structure of the book might be clear in your head, but once you sit down and begin to write, something stops you. It might last days or even years, so how do you overcome it? The way you are approaching and organizing your book is the key you’re missing.

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Crafting a Great Book = Industry Authority

People see you differently when you have a book; it somehow conveys a certain message and authority that you are a true expert and business connoisseur. You need to demonstrate that you have the secret method, the untold strategy that will take your clients to the scenario they have been dreaming about. Your clients wonder how their life will look after they solve their problems, you have to show them how to achieve it in a smart way and not in a textbook framework.

Create something that makes your prospects take action. Being persuasive and honest will motivate even more people to acquire your book. People will read to sell themselves out of the problem and to meet you. You’ll become the go-to process solution maker. When you start seeding your network, your closest associates, friends, and family can help you create immediate buzz to gain traction and momentum and eventually hit bestseller status.

Follow Steve’s roadmap and be prepared to dramatically increase your lead generation and business authority with the help of the book you’ve always wanted to write. Give your potential new clients solutions to the problems they keep experiencing and keep them awake at night. Books are still an extremely efficient way to create trust and referrals for your business. Go even more in-depth by watching our exclusive webinar recording with Steve Gordon himself!


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