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International Women’s Day

International Women's Day

Every year on March 8th, women from diverse backgrounds and from all over the world are brought together in solidarity. The International Women’s Day stands as a celebration of the achievements women have accomplished, establishing themselves from artists to entrepreneurs, teachers to athletes. Making their mark in every industry, while tearing down stereotypes and barriers that once prevented them to conquer their dreams. We celebrate their efforts which have made a difference for women around the world.

Inspiration & Dedication

Greatness is achieved through effort and sacrifice. Women throughout history have proven time and time again how perseverance and resilience is inked in their essence. Fighting for freedom and equality for future generations that sow the seeds of their mighty efforts. Even in the face of enormous opposition, women have stood up for their rights and what they believe in.

The fruits of women’s efforts can be seen in a newer, fiercer and stronger generation, who fight tooth and nail for what is right. Empowering little girls from a  young age, ingraining in their brain powerful core values and lessons to never let themselves be told they can’t do something, just because of a different pair of chromosomes.

Onwards and Upwards

Improvements have been made, however, there is still much work to be done. Despite the progress achieved, women around the world still face with the threat of inequality, injustice and violence. Nevertheless, women keep working together to create a more inclusive society. We are so happy with the amazing businesswomen who keep pushing the envelope and promoting better opportunities for all women. Special shoutout to Christy Granieri, Kristen David, Alina Nuñez, Frances Shefter, Dana Richardson, Christina Alvarez, Misty Buck and Nadine Heitz

On this International Women’s Day, let us celebrate the achievements of women and honor the sacrifices they have made. Let us commit ourselves to raise awareness of the ongoing struggle for gender equality, and let us work together to create a brighter and more just future for all. It is safe to say that, together, we can make a difference. 

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