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Candid Convos with Nadine Heitz

Candid Convos with Nadie Heitz featuring our Brand Ambassador, Joe Bravo.

Welcome back! We are excited to share with you our newest episode of Candid Convos; where we discuss virtual staffing in the new remote economy with a business owner, or lawyer, who utilizes virtual staff. In this episode, our host Joe has a meaningful conversation with Nadine Heitz. She’s an attorney and the owner of Heitz Immigration Law, as well as a marketing expert and a business coach. Come join us in this episode and learn the importance of onboarding your clients and keeping up with the times.

The Perks of an Entrepreneurial Mindset

From the land of maple leaf, Nadine built her family and professional career around marketing retail for a renowned Canadian department store. Because of her advertising and marketing background, she was hired and came with a work visa to the United States to start managing an immigration law firm. She quickly grew fond of the law and decided to go to law school and become an immigration lawyer.

Thanks to her entrepreneurial nature, Nadine started her own law firm. She wanted a business that she could manage herself and would allow her to solely focus on the rewarding and challenging aspect of immigration law. Now she was able to full time helping people obtain their lawful residency, their citizenship, saving someone from being deported, etc.

In law school, they do not properly teach you the business of law“. That is one aspect that Joe and Nadine discuss and agree upon. It was because of her coaching experience that Nadine was able to spot a gap within the technology aspect of the law process. She realized that technology was a crucial part of the business and decided to start working on helping other firms implement new technologies to improve their workflows.

Technology Integration within Your Law Firm

Technology is a huge factor when it comes to successfully managing a law firm in this day and age. After the most recent world pandemic, everything changed and in order to survive and thrive, implementing new virtual tools to work became the new norm. Remote work and virtual staffing started to gain momentum and become more and more relevant for a plethora of industries.

Virtual client interaction allows her to live where she wants. She can spend more time in her hometown and can still run her USA business without neglecting anything about her business. Thanks to a hybrid work model her firm can face and help their clients on all fronts. Meeting them face to face if needed, but smartly onboarding them on how to use the virtual tools.

“Clients are not tech savvy, but YOU can train them”. You can show your clients how to use your virtual tools via tutorial videos, infographics, remote calls, etc. By explaining to them how and why they should use virtual tools you gain their trust and optimize your own processes. It is an absolute win-win situation.

Envisioning the Future of Remote Work

Nadine started the firm by herself, with only one full employee and one part-time. Steadily growing to the point that she started to hire virtual ones. Realizing the cost-effective equation of having virtual staff, she decided to expand her virtual team even more. According to Nadine Heitz, hiring her virtual staff through an agency was the best option, because they already vet the potential virtual assistant/employee and take care of their payroll.

Onboarding the remote employee became as important as onboarding and explaining a client how to use their virtual tools. This made the virtual assistants really feel like part of your team. Nurturing teamwork and constant communication. Another benefit of expanding her virtual team is that the virtual assistant with more tenure can help train and onboard a new one. Saving the essentials, time, and money.

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