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Run a Great Annual Retreat

Run A Great Annual Retreat

As the year draws near to its conclusion, in the day-to-day world some folks are excited about the upcoming festivities. In the business world, employees are working on the final touches of their pending work and or planning for next year. Generating ideas and strategies for the upcoming year is crucial to the success of a business. Cesar Quintero is the owner of “The Profit Recipe“, which helps firms to focus on empowering entrepreneurs and implementing best practices.

Helping companies get better through strategic planning while improving their workflows. Cesar shares with GSU‘s Brett Trembly and the webinar attendees, the importance of running a great annual retreat. If your company does not have one, here’s a list of reasons to include one and nurture the relationships within your business or firm.

Alignment in Vision (Where We Are Going)

No team in the world does not understand the concept of “endgame”, working together to achieve one master goal. Cesar explains the importance of the meeting pulse, which helps companies break down different meetings throughout the year. This allows teams to have their priorities at the top of their minds and make necessary adjustments as the strategy unfolds.

Reflection of Obstacles (Pause to Think)

Running the path to success inevitably comes with the unpleasant appearance of obstacles.  They will always be there, however, a strong and aligned team knows how to spot them and avoid them. If your yearly plan had no obstacles, then congratulations, just remember the importance of being PREPARED to deal with obstacles.

Strategy and Plan to Execute (Growing Path)

The main reason for the annual retreat. A company grows because of its leader’s directions and employees’ hard work, however, not taking into consideration having a planning session to discuss how to tackle growth and keep improving, can be detrimental. Identify what worked, and what did not and prepare creative and alternative solutions that will help you and your team achieve new heights and conquer long-term new horizons.

Clarity of Roles (Metrics & Goals)

Every person on the team has a role to fulfill. When the company as a whole has clear objectives, it is easier for teams to keep track of their goals and help others. Contributing to the overall success of the business. The metrics need to be specific, attainable, and trackable. Are there any questions? No? Well, then you did an amazing work explaining every nook and cranny of the upcoming yearly objectives.

Team Commitment and Agreements (The Power of Trust)

The objectives have been specified, the goals are clear and the team knows what to do, that’s it, right? NOT, now comes the actual work, getting it done! The whole team has shared their feelings and thoughts and the key issues of the retreat have been discussed, it is time to agree. Time to commit and start taking action. Keep track of the goals with your team via weekly meetings and be ready to surpass your expectations.

The value of a great annual retreat is unmeasurable, at the end of the day you work with real people. Communication and vision go hand in hand when it comes to successfully running a law firm or business. Find a way to do it, the way it resonates with your company’s identity, and prepare for a VERY productive session.


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