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Why VA’s are Essential for Small Firms & Solo Attorneys

Why Virtual Assistants Are Essential For Small/ Solo Attorney

Virtual assistants – “VAs,” also referred to as remote workers, remote employees, etc. – are changing the landscape of the professional world. With advances in technology, along with shifting attitudes in the workplace, virtual assistants can keep up with the productivity demands of modern businesses without sacrificing any measure of quality or efficiency. VAs can have a particularly positive impact on small law firms and solo attorneys. We will discuss why VAs are essential for small firms and solo attorneys.

What is a Virtual Assistant?

A virtual assistant is a worker who can perform certain tasks – i.e. accounting, bookkeeping, marketing, scheduling, etc. – entirely from a remote position outside of your physical work environment. And, just as critical, a virtual assistant can remotely perform these tasks without suffering any discernible drop in quality. Virtual assistants will come equipped with whatever computer software program he or she needs to complete specific tasks; so, for instance, if you hire a VA to perform accounting work, that VA will have a version of QuickBooks or another program which enables completion of accounting-related tasks.

How a VA Can Benefit Small Firms and Solo Attorneys?

How can virtual assistants benefit small firms and solo attorneys? As mentioned, VAs can benefit just about any firm, of whatever size, but smaller firms certainly derive a massive advantage. Here are a few ways that a VA can benefit smaller firms:

#1: Space Saving / Clutter Prevention:

Virtual assistants confer a benefit to firms because they don’t add clutter. This can be particularly beneficial for smaller firms, or for a solo attorney who has small offices. Working from a distance will allow you to outsource specific tasks without adding any extra carbon footprint to your office.

#2: Affordability:

Not all firms have the same budgets. Smaller firms and solo attorneys tend to have relatively thinner budgets than larger firms. This means that virtual assistants are ideal for these firms because VAs are much more affordable than full-time in-house employees. The low cost of hiring VAs can have a huge impact on smaller firms.

#3: Increased Competency / Specialization:

With an in-house employee, there might be a  whole lot of time that is ultimately wasted or poorly used because of excess time, and the fact that in-house employees don’t all have specialized skills. With a VA, you’ll have greater efficiency because VAs specialize in certain areas, and so you won’t be paying for unused time and energy.

These and many more reasons are why VAs are essential for small firms and solo attorneys. Delegate tasks to your virtual assistants, so you can focus on what it’s most important for your business. Competition is savage and every firm is on the lookout to improve workflows and get the most done. Will you stay behind or lead?
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