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5 Tasks You Should Delegate to Improve Workflow

One of the most valuable skills a law firm owner can learn and develop is the skill of delegating tasks to others. In many ways, this skill is really the building block for all your business success throughout your career. Business is growing and delegating tasks becomes fundamental to keep achieving success. We will discuss 5 specific tasks you should delegate to improve workflow.

1. Email Management / Filtering

Dealing with your email inbox on a daily basis can be extremely time-consuming. There is spam, advertisements, scam emails, and plenty of things which can take away valuable time. When you delegate email management, you’ll be able to better maximize your time and achieve efficiency. Your assistant can make sure that only the most critical emails come to your attention.

2. Bookkeeping

As you bring on new clients and try to provide top quality service, you’ll find that you don’t have the time to devote to bookkeeping and accounting. Bookkeeping is a very essential piece of your business.

3. Calendar Management

As you attempt to maximize revenue and attract new clients, you’ll find that keeping up with your calendar is not easy. The best solution to this problem is to simply outsource the task. Managing your calendar and making sure everything is in order.

4. Content Creation

Law firms have content creation needs and just like many other firms, and content creation is another task which you should consider outsourcing. Creating content is time-consuming and difficult, it’s recommended to hire a virtual assistant that can help you with the task.


5. SM Management

Social media (“SM”) management is another task which you should seek to delegate to others. Like content creation, social media management is necessary. It’s recommended to assign this task to someone with a background on social media. Most likely, this means you will outsource this task to a younger staff member, because younger workers tend to be “digital natives” as opposed to digital immigrants. Turn this over to someone who knows all about how to maximize your presence on Instagram, Facebook, and the other major social media.

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