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The Challenges Of Delegation

Challenges of Delegation

Delegating tasks is among the more significant things a firm owner will do in his or her career. At some point, no matter how productive a given person can be, they will eventually need to delegate tasks to better use their own time. This is a natural part of the “scaling” process which takes place in every business. In order to make your business grow, you need to outsource certain things so that you free up time for business development. The challenges of delegation can be physical or mental. There is simply no way to avoid this hurdle. But, if you approach the matter intelligently, you can at least overcome this hurdle without too much hassle.

 Many people report similar challenges when it comes to delegating tasks. Today, we’d like to take a moment to discuss these challenges in the hope of alleviating these difficulties for firm owners in the future.

Trust Issues

 This is quite a common one. Often, firm owners struggle with delegating tasks because they are especially finicky about how certain things should be done; this is a natural extension of their own growth and development. To become successful, firm owners have had to take many things into their own hands and thrive. When owners eventually have the need to delegate, they struggle because their first instinct is to take of things independently. This translates into trust issues when it comes to placing tasks on other people.


Another common issue has to do with micromanagement. When firm owners ultimately do begin to delegate tasks, they often have a hard time over-managing the people to whom tasks have been entrusted. Again, this also relates to the core tools which brought the firm owner into their position in the first place. Firm owners are often hypercritical of themselves and tend to be perfectionists; they develop exceptionally high standards for their work and expect others to mimic these same standards. Furthermore, they might also have developed a particular style of approaching specific problems or tasks, and believe that this style is optimal. There is a certain amount of “letting go” which must occur when a task is outsourced, and needless to say, this isn’t always easy.


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    Performance Review Processes

    At some point, firm owners who delegate tasks will need to develop and implement a performance review process. This process is necessary to ensure that all outsourced tasks are completed satisfactorily. This is another potential issue because firm owners often have no idea how to create and install this type of system. Not infrequently, firm owners need to enlist help to achieve this system. Although this may be a common issue, there is no reason this should stand in the way of outsourcing tasks and scaling your business.

    Use a Trusted VA Provider

    These are just a few of the more common issues involved with task delegation; there are plenty of others. How do you deal with these challenges? One way is to enlist a trusted virtual assistant provider with lots of experience in the space of virtual assistantship. Virtual assistants can create tons of value for your firm by taking on a wide range of tasks – marketing, bookkeeping, accounting, scheduling, and so forth. When you use a trusted provider, you can rely on the fact that the candidates have already been screened for the things which firm owners need to verify: competency, reliability, trainability, and so on.

    In THIS video, you can see how Get Staffed Up’s co-founder, Brett Trembly, resolves some of the delegation challenges law firm owners face.

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