Not Sure What to Delegate or How to Start?

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Delegate Your Way To Freedom By Hiring Smarter

Delegating is easy when you have the right help

If you still don’t understand that delegation is your only way to a better firm and better life, we’re likely not a good fit.  Despite brief flashes of adrenaline that help all of us work faster or longer, over the long haul, you’ll simply wear down when you try to do everything yourself – or when you barely delegate but remain the bottleneck because everything piles up on your desk.  New clients will start to go to that firm across town that doesn’t have work piling up for weeks, and has that incredibly friendly team willing to help at all times.  Even if you’ve been frustrated and have decided everyone else can hire except for you, listen to us – there is a better way.

Go virtual and take advantage of geographic arbitrage

If you’re passed the mental hurdle of failing to realize that you must get more help to grow, and have experienced the stress-relieving benefits great employees can provide, then your options are to keep hiring the old way and pay $35,000 to $45,000 a year for an experienced Virtual Assistant, or work with us and pay as little as $1,450 a month, all in, no additional fees.  By adding more help quickly that is actually affordable and doesn’t create stressful and crushing overhead, you’ll grow faster and then be able to hire in-house team members sooner than you otherwise would have.  It’s truly a win-win.

Work with the best

Get Staffed Up was founded by two lawyers.  We speak the language, and we understand the delicacy and importance of finding the right players for your team. We hang our hat not on being the cheapest virtual staffing company, but by being the best. The reasons we’re the best: our proprietary recruiting process, our international team and resources, our business model (our employees all work from home), our core values, and the fact that we pay more to our employees than our competitors, creating demand and ensuring loyalty.


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