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    The 7 positions to staff your business

    Executive Assistant

    Save up to 10 hours of admin work weekly. Improve your communication with other team members and manage your time efficiently.


    Manage communication with prospects, clients and team members efficiently. Don’t miss any important call. Get a welcoming voice for your business.

    Legal Assistant

    Save up to 10 hours of admin work weekly. Get your agenda organized. Make the storage and retrieval of documents more efficient.

    Client Happiness Coordinator

    Improve your relationship with your clients. Turn your clients into ambassadors of your service. Get accurate customer insights.

    Intake Specialist

    Run a more effective intake process. Have all of your clients’ data organized. Gather critical information from your prospects.

    Billing Assistant

    Keep your financial data organized. Record every billable hour accurately. Resolve all of your client’s billing inquiries.

    Marketing Assistant

    Build credibility in the digital world. Make your brand consistent on social media. Get better insights from your digital marketing.