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Lawyer’s LinkedIn Masterclass

From the Savvy Social Media Experts of GSU...

Designed to offer all the necessary tools for your GSU Marketing Assistant to take YOUR LinkedIn profile to the next level, this 4-week online course covers everything from profile optimization to content creation to data analysis. 

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    LinkedIn Masterclass

    Table of contents

    • Overview of Linkedin and its features
    • Setting up a LinkedIn account
    • Importance of a professional online presence
    • Personal Branding on LinkedIn
    • Defining your personal brand
    • Communicating your personal brand on LinkedIn
    • Monitoring and adjusting your personal brand
    • Profile picture and headline
    • Crafting a compelling summary
    • Experience and education sections
    • Skills, endorsements, and recommendations
    • Customizing your LinkedIn URL
    • Adding multimedia to your profile

    One-on-one meetings to go over each profile thoroughly and solve any specific doubts up to this point.

    • Understanding LinkedIn analytics
    • Tracking your profile and content performance
    • Using analytics to inform your Linkedin strategy
    • Finding and connecting with people on Linkedin
    • Personalizing connection requests
    • Managing and organizing your connections
    • Types of content to share on LinkedIn
    • Creating your content buckets
    • Anatomy of a post
    • Tools for good content
    • Best Practices for posting
    • Creating templates
    • Joining and participating in LinkedIn groups
    • Creating and managing a Linkedin page
    • Leveraging groups and pages for networking

    One-on-one meetings to go over content and solve any doubts up to this point.

    • LinkedIn etiquette and best practices
    • Common LinkedIn mistakes to avoid
    • Tips for staying active and engaged on LinkedIn

    Meeting to go over the next steps after the course and resolve any lingering questions.

    LinkedIn Masterclass experts Maria Jose Valladares and Monica Martinez