The Get Staffed Up Brand Ambassador

The Get Staffed Up (GSU) Brand Ambassador (BA) is one of the faces and voices of the Company. Tasked with the responsibility of promoting GSU and creating relationships that will lead to business, the BA is an outgoing, friendly individual, potentially experienced in marketing and sales. The BA’s main role is to network and create relationships that will lead to business for GSU. Some of the duties include being the public representative of the organization, attending events, and engaging in social media.

A successful BA is enthusiastic, friendly, approachable, engaging, a great listener, loves the camera, and has the following skills and qualifications needed to complete their daily duties:

  • Excellent communication and networking skills –  knows how to start a conversation and, most importantly, how to keep it going;
  • Strong written communication skills;
  • Knowledge of social media channels, sales, and marketing principles;
  • Tech-savvy;
  • Excellent problem-solver;
  • Active on social media (Influencer is a plus);
  • Copywriting;
  • Familiarity with social media analytics and metrics tracking preferred; and
  • Able to convert service details into viable content marketing strategies.


The BA is familiarized with the Company’s mission, vision, and goals, and from time to time may work closely with the sales and marketing departments to conceptualize marketing campaigns and strategies.


The BA may, on their own or along with the Senior BA and/or the Freedom Director, represent GSU at launches, events, and trade shows. The BA also brainstorms ideas and participates in webinars and workshops organized and/or sponsored by GSU. They maintain a positive image of our brand at all times.


The BA will have several key responsibilities, including:


  • Joining and becoming an integral part of targeted networking groups;
  • Developing relationships with lawyers/law firm owners (our target market);
  • Attending conferences and networking events with clients and potential new clients;
  • Describing our services to their network with enough gusto and specificity that it turns into a Decision Making Call with our Freedom Team;
  • Developing relevant social media content to grow and increase the engagement of these groups;
  • Keeping an eye out for new opportunities;
  • Attending lunches and coffee meetings with prospective clients;
  • Developing enterprise relationships with larger law firms;
  • Sharing the GSU videos recorded by the Senior BA or a Co-founder on social media and in social media groups;
  • Attending virtual events;
  • Being a backup hosting the Up My Influence podcast; and
  • Identifying additional business-generating activities unknown to the Company.


The BA preferences:

  • Prior experience in a customer service environment;
  • Prior experience in video recording and public speaking;
  • Prior experience engaging with prospects at networking events;
  • English proficiency; and
  • Ability to travel.


Bachelor’s degree or prior experience in the legal field is desired but not required.


Professional dress and representation are required.


The company has no office; the position is remote with in-person and virtual networking events required.  Must reside in South Florida.


Compensation: Very comfortable salary plus heavy incentives for generating sales.  Based on the growth rate of our category-leading company, and the industry as a whole which we have spearheaded, sales should come in droves.


How to apply:

To apply for the Get Staffed Up Brand Ambassador position, please email as follows. You must follow these detailed instructions, very specifically, which are designed to gauge your ability to comprehend and process instructions. Only emails that comply, exactly, with every requirement, will be forwarded to one of our co-founders.


  1. In the subject line of the email, please state, specifically, “I am your next Brand Ambassador” and then spell your first name backward.
  2. Please attach a resume and cover letter to your email.
  3. In the cover letter, include the following: let us know what you think it takes to be a good Brand Ambassador at our company. You should be very detailed in your description of what it takes, but don’t go over two paragraphs. You should also tell us in about 1 to 2 paragraphs what you are looking for in a job and why you think you would be a good fit. In the last paragraph or two of your cover letter tell us what you liked about our Ad and what you did not like about it. The more honest you are, the more impressed we will be.
  4. In the body of the email, please include two references that we may call to check your credentials and verify your experience.  (We will not call your references until we are ready to offer you the job.)