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5 Tasks Tax Attorneys Should Focus on During Peak Tax Season

For many tax attorneys, peak tax season has begun. Facing the busiest time in your tax practice and the overwhelming intake volume it brings so early in the year, can become daunting and exhausting, especially if your law firm’s processes are not streamlined.  

This week’s blog focuses on the five impactful tasks tax attorneys should focus on to thrive during this season, optimize their practices, and enhance client experiences. Instead of fearing the arrival of peak tax season, you’ll be thrilled! You’ll be ready to unlock the next level of efficiency for your law firm by focusing on the following time-consuming but important tasks:

1- Build a Crystal Clear Agenda 

First things first. Your time is your most important asset; every second counts. To make the most of it you need to implement strong and effective scheduling and calendar management practices. It’s simple, avoid missed deadlines and ensure optimal utilization of your time by following a structured schedule, with clear appointments, meetings, and deadlines. 

2- Client Communications

Building lasting relationships with your clients means you need to always have the correct information at hand, more so during a busy season. Working with complete and updated data helps to keep track of different client needs and helps you to provide a personalized experience. With clear communication channels, you can gather all the necessary data and answer all of your client inquiries. You can also further improve client satisfaction by sending out surveys and personal emails to compile data and identify areas of opportunities for your business to grow.

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3- Document Preparation and Management 

Tax attorneys are known for their meticulous approach when reviewing important documents. However, those pesky-tiny-little-almost imperceptible mistakes might fall under the cracks, quickly producing a negative snowball effect within your tax practice. You can drastically reduce errors and save time by streamlining a process where your documents are reviewed and prepared for whenever you need to consult them. Having the information you need handy and organized will make your legal work smoother.

4- Legal and Tax Research 

Information, information, and more information! During this day and age, keeping up with all the legal updates, news, trends, technology hacks, and business opportunities while being at the helm of a successful law firm, is nearly impossible. However, there is a neat little trick that will help your practice gain a competitive edge… Imagine having a dedicated employee performing comprehensive investigations into relevant laws, regulations, rulings, legal updates, and precedents… Sounds incredible, right? Keep reading and you’ll discover how.

5- Billable Hours Management 

Every second counts. Ensuring accurate tracking, efficient invoicing, and timely follow-up on payments for every tax attorney is beyond crucial to thriving during peak tax season. By having a clear management of your billable hours you can maximize revenue generation, increase revenue streams, and improve cash flow.

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After you pay extra attention to those tasks you’ll quickly change your mindset and get actually excited about peak tax season! Effective law firm management and delegation are essential for you and many Tax attorneys during peak tax season. To track your time accurately, bill clients appropriately for services rendered, and ultimately optimize your revenue streams.

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