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4 Eye-Opening Virtual Assistants’ Success Stories

With a little look back, we all can quickly identify the circumstances and situations that positively impact our personal and professional lives. Success stories are one of the most powerful sources of inspiration. Making decisions after knowing someone in a similar position as yourself manages to succeed has become increasingly more common and effective. 

In the ever-evolving landscape of the legal world, the need for efficiency, precision, and adaptability has never been more crucial. As law firm owners and attorneys, you’re constantly seeking ways to streamline your operations without compromising the quality of your services. What if we told you there’s a game-changing solution right at your fingertips? 

Welcome to the Virtual Staffing world.

Let’s delve into the inspiring success stories that will reshape your perspective on virtual staffing:

1- Brett Trembly (CEO and co-founder of Get Staffed Up)

Brett has always had an entrepreneurial spirit, always looking for opportunities to make money and help others. When he finished law school and started his own business, he was ready to conquer the world, but not everything would be as smooth as he would have wanted. He struggled during his first two years to build his law firm. Like most business entrepreneurs, at first, he was afraid to hire more people and failed to grow the business.

After reading and receiving counsel, he realized that it was unsustainable to continue trying to do everything by himself. It was time to take risks and start building his dream team. By hiring you to obtain your greatest assets and your biggest pain points (when not dealt with correctly). Being afraid of failure is normal; it shows that you care, but trust us, and mainly Brett, when we tell you that taking risks and hiring great talent WILL provide you with excellent results.

After learning about the solutions a Virtual Assistant could provide to his practice, Brett decided to hire one. By learning how to delegate tasks and improving workflows within less than a year, he doubled his revenue! Hiring smart was the solution all along. The turnover dropped, and he started spending way more time on the critical aspects that brought more business and money.

By adding smart capacity with better output, his practice grew faster, spending less money.  Also, helping real people offshore is a win-win. Virtual Assistants speak great English, work on their timezone, and take advantage of economic arbitrage. However, vetting is crucial; you need to test your candidates; if they pass the tests, that means they would most likely be amazing in the position. Including your virtual team members in everything that you can delegate is essential. As with in-house teams, remote teams need to be nurtured as well so they feel like they belong.

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2- Vlad Portnoy (Managing Partner at Law Offices of Vlad Portnoy, P.C.)

Before becoming a Managing Partner, Vlad grew up in Russia and, from a very young age, eight to be precise, wanted to become a lawyer. He was attracted to the lifestyle and way of work that was portrayed in the late 60s and early 70s, where businessmen would gather in smokey rooms and work with a glass of scotch. In his teen years, he migrated to the United States and quickly started working and grinding towards his dream to become a corporate lawyer.

Starting his law firm was difficult; being a perfectionist, Vlad became stuck and felt he was not progressing, even though he had good clients and the skills to solve all issues. He became stuck; he started a vicious cycle where he needed to take care of every aspect of the business. Quickly, that evolved into the early stages of the dreaded burnout. He started to reflect and analyze what was going on. 

“I learned that I needed to look at my practice from a business owner’s perspective and not an attorney’s. I thought was not ready or able to delegate.”

After a candid conversation with an old friend, when he was ready to quit, her friend recommended him a good business coach company, and it was something that changed him. For the first time, Vlad felt he was not alone anymore, and everyone was supportive and eager to help him overcome his obstacles. When he learned from our very own Brett Trembly that he had started two businesses, he decided it was time to start delegating and hired the services from Get Staffed Up. He got his first Virtual Assistant, and the results were swift and incredible; his VA did the job amazingly and went the extra mile. Vlad found his solution and decided to keep adding more offshore staffers. Finally, his business was growing and helping more people.

Watch our Candid Convo with Vlad – Click HERE

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3- Venar Ayar (Founder of Ayar Law)

An attorney, businessman, and the owner of  Ayar Law, a law firm that specializes in audit defense, appeals, tax debt relief, unfiled tax returns, foreign bank accounts, criminal tax defense, and unpaid payroll taxes.

Venar specializes in everything related to taxes. He is one of the most respected tax lawyers within the legal community. His ability to work hard and play has provided a unique approach to business and a singular vision when it comes to spotting business opportunities. Within 6 months, he went from 100 clients to over 2,500.

“If you have lots of good and smart people, you’ll need to find ways to employ them and keep making business and money.”

Fortunately, Venar was put in a position to scale very fast. Due to his other business ventures, he quickly shifts the talent he already has and is familiar with to other projects where they will also perform exceptionally. His only constraint recently was the ability to scale up with talented people. Something that’s being resolved with the help of an excellent staffing company (wink wink) and their amazing offshore international prospects. 

Watch our Candid Convo with Venar – Click HERE

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4- Vanessa Vasquez (Founder and owner of the Vasquez de Lara Law Group)

Vanessa Vasquez de Lara, Esq. is one of the most sought-after family law attorneys in Miami. As the founder and owner of the Vasquez de Lara Law Group, she has dedicated her life to helping families navigate the intricacies of the law by ensuring their rights are honored and upheld in family court. As the current President of the Coral Gables Bar Association, she helps facilitate networking within the association and connect like-minded attorneys.

An advocate for Virtual Assistants, Vanessa is the type of person who does not endorse anything she doesn’t believe in. After hiring her first Virtual Assistant, who started as a  Receptionist, her VA quickly rose through the ranks and helped with the intake and management of different tasks.

“The work she does for the business, even if she’s virtual, has become invaluable to us.”

Virtual Assistants have become an important and efficient part of Vanessa’s constant success. Even flew her offshore teammates to their annual retreat. Nurturing and fostering a professional bond and commitment with incredible people.

Watch our Candid Convo with Vanessa – Click HERE

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In conclusion, beyond geographic borders and cultural differences, GSU’s offshore staffers seamlessly integrate into your law firm, bringing fresh perspectives, specialized skills, and a commitment to excellence. It’s time to break free from conventional staffing models and embrace a new era of legal practice with our Top 1%.

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