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Including Your Virtual Team in Office Holiday Celebrations

The holiday season is pretty much upon us. Businesses worldwide are preparing internal celebrations to acknowledge a year of hard work and commitment. It is the perfect time to build a stronger bond between your staff and an excellent opportunity to relax, have fun, and get excited for the upcoming year. However, with the rise of remote work, many teammates are now scattered across the globe, making it difficult for them to participate in traditional in-house office parties. Enter new and creative ways to include and celebrate with your remote team. In this blog, we’ll explore three ideas your law firm can incorporate into its annual holiday celebrations so your whole team can participate and celebrate together.

Set Up a Virtual Secret Santa

Just like the traditional version, sending and receiving virtual gifts from our colleagues and friends generates joy and a warm sense of community. You can use online platforms to randomly assign team members to one another and set a budget for the gifts. From virtual animated videos to gift cards, there’s plenty of room for creative and personalized gifts. Your team could create a wish list so everyone gets something they truly want. Seeing the joy of your employees (even from a screen) opening their presents and sharing strengthens the bond between the whole company.

Ugly Sweater Parade

Who said only Halloween is the right time to put on a costume? During the holiday season, the infamous “ugly sweater” competition has gained popularity amongst families and friends. Encourage your virtual team to showcase their most outrageous/funny/creative holiday sweaters during the party. You can even turn it into a competition by letting the team vote on the ugliest-most-creative sweater. We can guarantee contagious laughter around the entire team.

International Recipe Trade

We promise we’re not talking about international commerce or shipping policies. Thanks to technology, your remote team is working during your time zone even though he/she could be halfway around the world. Having employees from all over the world not only makes your business stronger and more diverse but also more exciting and interesting. We recommend organizing a global recipe swap, where team members share their favorite holiday recipes from different cultures. Sharing cultural roots, flavors, and experiences will make your remote team feel truly part of the business.

In conclusion, embracing the virtual nature of your team doesn’t mean sacrificing the joy and camaraderie of holiday celebrations. On the contrary, by incorporating these creative ideas, you can ensure that your virtual team feels connected and included in the festivities. Get creative and prepare for a joyful holiday with your team.

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