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Webinar Recap – “Firm Within a Firm with Brooke Lively”

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This past August at Get Staffed Up, we hosted an incredible webinar with expert guest Brooke Lively. She is CEO and Founder of Cathedral Capital, a team of CFOs and Profitability Strategists who help entrepreneurs turn their businesses into profitable companies. After earning her MBA in Investments and Corporate Finance, Brooke built a 7- figure company in under 2 years. As a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), she and her team work with Hall of Famers, INC 5000 businesses, CEOs, and Small Business Owners. 

Brooke started her own business after realizing how much anxiety attorneys have about numbers. Some law firm owners tend to have a mindset focused on running a practice, and not necessarily a business, as it should. Attorney turnover is something that a lot of law firms are suffering from. Brooke’s team is passionate about helping law firm owners avoid turnover by implementing an efficient pod system.

With PODS, you can raise a stable team of attorneys who will feel empowered and in charge of bringing more business to the firm without being a law firm owner. You will automatically increase profitability, and your overall infrastructure will become more productive.

“How can we create a situation where we can align how attorneys are getting paid with how we make money?”

The Secret of PODS

Understand Capacity

It’s important to know your firm’s attorney hiring needs months in advance, since the process takes time to vet and assess the prospects’ talents.

Create Accountability

You need to make your attorneys accountable for their results since you want buy-in from them. This will push them to pursue greater results and make your law firm stronger.

They Make More, You Make More

Empower your attorneys to make the right decisions in ways that impact their own pay and, in consequence, your profitability. 

Don’t Train Your Competitor

What if you put an enormous effort into the attorneys you hired, and they end up leaving and starting their own firms? With PODS, they get the “fun part” of owning their own firm and feel a sense of control. However, they’ll quickly realize how the true law firm owner’s reality is very different.

Watch the complete webinar to learn how to calculate your overhead allocation, how to identify your POD leaders, and much more!


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