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Legal Events You Shouldn’t Miss This Fall

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For law firm owners, staying ahead means seizing opportunities, being in the vanguard, and networking with fellow business owners. Legal events are one of the best ways to stay updated with the latest trends, news, and updates regarding the legal landscape. Expanding your professional connections in great events can provide you and your firm with valuable insights and tools to strategically grow your practice. So, without further ado, we have gathered a couple of legal events you shouldn’t miss this fall that we are certain will be highly beneficial for your firm.

CEO Lawyer Mastermind (September 25 – 26)

CEO Lawyer Mastermind is an intimate setting for attorneys to break down the main functional areas of a business: technology, OPS, HR/VA, and marketing. This event gives you access to world-class speakers and coaches who are experts in their field. You will have the opportunity to participate in private breakout sessions with like-minded law firm owners. Plus, you will have access to the entire CEO Lawyer database of hiring templates, standard operating procedures, internal organization documents, and everything else you need to build an eight-figure digital law firm. REGISTER HERE.

ClioCon (October 9 – 10)

Meet and greet your peers from around the world! Gain actionable skills to power your firm’s success with hands-on, learning-intensive workshops and informative sessions, plus dozens of legal tech exhibitors. ClioCon is the best place to hear directly from legal professionals and legal tech leaders about the news and events impacting legal professionals today and in the future. Plus, every ClioCon features the debut of Clio’s annual Legal Trends Report. REGISTER HERE.

GLM Heroes & Icons (October 12 – 14)

What if you could immerse yourself in a room full of $7+ figure law firm owners for 3 whole days? The main goal of this event is to get law firm owners to reach the next level as quickly as possible and show how to beat the big firms. You’ll learn about hiring and retaining the best talent, insure yourself against AI, and much more. Prepare to out-market everyone else in your area! REGISTER HERE.

Max Law Guild (October 19 – 20)

Take the time to strategize, collaborate, and gain valuable insights from like-minded, growth-oriented legal entrepreneurs. Benefit from the collective wisdom and experience of the mastermind attendees and coaches as they help you overcome obstacles, collapse time frames, and accelerate your firm’s growth. You’ll step into the hot seat and tackle your most pressing challenges head-on. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to take your firm to the next level. REGISTER HERE.

BE B.O.L.D. by the Law Firm Mentor (October 26 – 28)

How about 3 riveting days of workshops, breakout sessions, and hands-on implementation? In this event, you’ll experience exercises led by an outstanding team of experienced professional coaches, including Allison C. Williams. If you are a solo practitioner or the owner of a small firm and you’d like to make it big, this 3-day elite retreat will give you the best coaching, tools, and techniques to revolutionize your practice, grow your revenue, and increase profitability. REGISTER HERE.

The SUMMIT National Solo & Small Law Firm Conference (November 2 – 3)

This incredible event teaches established, growing, and innovative law firm owners how to dominate their markets through exclusive strategy, industry hacks, and fresh business practices. Lawyers of all backgrounds, niches, and experiences are signing up to experience this unique event. In addition to incredible and inspiring talks from keynote speakers, you’ll learn marketing and business strategies from an expert team of established lawyers, practice managers, and business owners. Experience the equivalent of a legal trade show and industry symposium with proven implementation techniques. REGISTER HERE.

NTL – The Business of Law (November 9 – 11)

NTL is the perfect opportunity for attorneys to learn from some of the industry’s top experts and biggest law firms about business principles and what it takes to build a successful company.

Their schedule features exceptional lectures, sessions, and activities to promote networking and equip attendees with tools to make your business successful. Learn from experts about strategies for running your law firm in 2023, best practices for case acquisition, and the latest technology available to streamline and fireproof your firm operations. REGISTER HERE.

Connecticut Trial Firm $100 Million Day (November 9 – 10)

This is a one-of-a-kind legal event hosted by plaintiffs’ lawyers, exclusively for plaintiffs’ lawyers, and is a masterclass in trial strategy taught by one of the best trial teams in the country. Illustrated through the lens of their recent multi-million dollar verdicts, you’ll learn innovative methods and techniques that you can apply to any case of any size. Spend the day networking with elite plaintiff lawyers and learn how to leverage the latest technology and cutting-edge trial techniques to maximize the value of your cases, regardless of economic damages. REGISTER HERE.

In conclusion, there are a lot of great upcoming legal events you should be aware of. Seize the opportunity to network, learn from the very best, and acquire new skills, knowledge, and tools to keep upgrading your law firm and turn it into the business of your dreams. We hope to see you soon in one of these extraordinary events and help you delegate your way to freedom.

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