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The Tale of the 7 VAs (Part 2)

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GSU presents the second and final part of a mini epic tale about delegation. Inspired in the works of Akira Kurosawa and John Sturges. Join Stan in his journey towards freedom as he discovers the perks of delegation and the power of teamwork.

A few days have passed…

The Fourth VA – Legacy Intake

At dawn, Stan walked through a dense forest. His feet hurt from non-stop walking. He decided to look for a place to camp. In the distance, a small glimmering light appeared. As Stan got closer, he realized it was a fireplace. Suddenly, he noticed a large space around the fireplace with no trees. Instead, there were hundreds if not thousands of banners, each taller than an average adult. Each banner had distinct artwork, with different dyes and patterns, extraordinarily beautiful and 100% handmade.

There was a woman next to a big table that was arranging a staggering amount of papers, quickly separating them between different columns and making certain marks on each one. Stan was amazed when suddenly he heard a big crash next to him; startled, he looked to his left and noticed a big basket with hundreds of requests. Looking up, Stan’s shock only intensified as he beheld a sophisticated messaging system nestled among the tree lines. This system was where requests for banners poured in from various towns. The woman noticed Stan’s evident amazement and accompanied by a slight, harmless smirk, she remarked, “You’re going to hurt your neck. I assume you’re not familiar with banner crafting, are you?” Stan, still perplexed, simply shook his head.

The woman introduced herself as Issie—an expert banner maker and a legend among royal families and the military elite. Thanks to her family’s successful business and almost mythical reputation, she has more than ten years of work scheduled, perfectly organized, and labeled. Stan was amazed when he learned how her intake and management process had worked wonders for her and her family for many years. Issie learned Stan’s purpose for traveling through the mountainscape and realized his natural leadership talents. She comforted Stan and advised him to be more open and rely on the right people.

The Fifth & Sixth VA – Just Below the Summit

The wind was gaining strength. Stan started looking for shelter. He noticed a small cabin where a warm light glowed from inside. Stan was about to knock on the door when he heard a small argument between two people. He took a deep breath and knocked twice. Instant silence greeted his knocks. A few seconds later, the door opened, revealing a short bearded man with a confused and frustrated look.– Who knocks only twice? Are you weird or something? It’s three times. You can’t break the pattern! – Stan, confused, did not know what to say. Behind the man, there was a woman with a peculiar bowl-shaped helmet. – Ignore him: he is crazy about numbers and patterns but harmless. My name is Lana, and he is my twin, Bana. Please, come in.

Sheltered from the storm, the twins told Stan how they spent a few months in the cabin before the festival. That place was the cheapest option they could find near the festival’s location, and they were headed there in search of employment. Traveling from a faraway town, Lana and Bana were expert workers. Lana demonstrated organization, efficiency, and determination, while Bana showcased his proficiency in numbers and problem-solving. For a moment, Stan imagined what his business would look like if those two were there to help. However, after picturing a scene where both screamed and made a mess, the thought faded.  The twins learned of Stan’s goal and did not know what he was talking about, having never heard of the legend. Lana asked if he had found any of the seven, to which a disappointed Stan replied he hadn’t. Regardless, he was so close to the summit, and quitting was not an option. Morning came, and the storm had dwindled. After saying goodbye to the twins, Stan set out for the summit, hoping to find something, anything…

The Seventh VA – The Arrival of Happiness

Walking towards the peak, the breathtaking view made Stan reminisce about his life, his business, and the festival, but mainly about the different people he had met along the way. The heaviness of the storm suddenly disappeared, and he could clearly see before him, the summit, and a white-hooded figure… Staring at the horizon, calmly breathing, the figure greeted Stan. – I knew you could make it. Before Stan could dwell further on his thoughts, the figure requested that he sit down with a hand gesture. Stan sat and saw a katana and a white canvas nearby. The figure turned around. It was an adult male with a pronounced chin. He smiled and, with a slight bow, said – I am Clod, the seventh VA – Stan kept staring at him. Clod explained how VAs are manifestations of things we miss in our lives. – They can’t be captured, but they will show you in different ways what to do. – Stan remembered all of the people along the mountain path and imagined how each one would have fitted perfectly into his business and what he was looking for.

Clod gave Stan a painting and a seed pouch. Perplexed, Stan looked at the beautiful painting. A stunning landscape showcasing a big mountain surrounded by smaller mountains below an impressive blue sky. The seeds were tomatoes. A berry Stan loved but found difficult to grow in the town. Stan was very impressed. He loved landscape paintings, and tomatoes have been his favorite berry since childhood. Clod explained how he had previously investigated Stan’s background and how important it was for him to do the same for his clients. – Providing happiness provides meaning. – A fog suddenly covered them, and in the blink of an eye, Clod was gone.

The Liberated Attorney

The festival was a week away, and the town was 90% ready to receive the masses. Stan, now with a massive beard, returned to his business. He was relieved to see it but quickly imagined a glimpse of the festival and people breaking in. His neighbor answered the door and was shocked to see Stan, who looked different. After handing over the keys and inspecting the premises, Stan sat in his main office, and before he could even think about sleep, he fell into a deep slumber…

Oi! I told you that’s not its place. Put it near the window! – Stan awoke suddenly from the noise and rushed to see what was happening. He couldn’t believe what he saw. Bana was arguing with Vraj, and Lana was organizing. At the entrance, he saw Eadlin talking with Issie, and then his jaw almost dropped to the floor when he saw Clod teaching Marley a melody outside of the office. After the VAs realized Stan was awake, they all greeted him, and Clod and Marley entered the office. With a big smile on his face, Eadlin asked – So, how do you want us to help? – Stan, still almost starstruck in awe, took a deep breath, smiled, and said to his newly formed team – Let’s do this.

Within a short amount of time, Stan had delegated a variety of tasks to the VAs, making sure every possible detail would be covered. Nervously, Stan watched as the first visitors started arriving in town. Looking back at his office, he marveled at the sight of his team. All of them are incredibly capable, committed, and ready to finally help achieve the business of his dreams… After one of the busiest festivals ever, Stan’s team stood victorious, with the highest profit and client satisfaction he had ever witnessed. At dawn, Stan and the team went outside, and looking at the sky, he thanked all of them and provided a powerful motivational speech. With a strengthened mind and a mighty team, Stan was ready to conquer his objectives and continue to build the business of his dreams. This time, he didn’t need to scratch his head. He was not alone.



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