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Virtual Receptionist: The Power of First Impressions

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Picture this morning, November 1965, in New York City. The advertising industry is blooming, and every major big, medium, and small business is trying to get some attention from its massive potential audience. One individual is getting ready to call a law firm phone number he saw advertised in the paper. He needs legal representation regarding a personal injury case and proceeds to call the phone number listed in the ad, sweating a little, anxious because of the importance of the case. The phone rings five times (strike 1), and suddenly a voice answers, a harsh raspy voice saying – yeah? (strike 2), our hero replies – am I calling to “Sturgil Law Firm”? To which the voice replies – yes, what do you need? (strike 3, you’re out). Our hero hangs up the phone and immediately starts looking for a better alternative…

Even if the example listed above is more than 50 years old, it still applies to our present-modern-day-standards. An individual’s first impression lasts a lifetime in the minds of others. Receptionist positions have been around for more than 100 years, always being the first line of attack when it comes to catching a warm lead entering the premises. However, technology has changed the way audiences and businesses interact, more so in law firms. Today law firms have expanded their advertising not only to printed media but almost every digital and social media available. So, why do we insist on the power of first impressions and having a great Virtual Receptionist to enamor your clients? Learn about it in this blog.

The Art of First Impressions

Why are first impressions so valuable? It sets a precedent of what quality of service to expect. Maybe the rest of your team is amazing, but that first poor experience of a potential new client interacting with your Receptionist made it impossible for your business to get the deal. On the contrary, if your Receptionist did an outstanding job, you certainly can expect the lead to go further down the pipeline. A professional, attentive, warm receptionist can make your clients feel comfortable and reassured that their business is in good hands.

Potential clients who are looking and comparing law firms might remember that one Receptionist who made their entire experience different. That’s the receptionist your business needs, and luckily, you can find the Top 1% of them HERE. Thanks to technological advancements, virtual communications are much more reliable today. You can engage in different video calls through a variety of platforms, such as Google Meet, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, etc. Even if your Virtual Assistants are thousands of miles away, their presence and kind manner will cross the frame of your clients and make them feel truly taken care of.

Strengths and Tasks For a Talented Virtual Receptionist

Greeting your potential and existing clients is not the only task for a Virtual Receptionist; you can leverage their talents in a plethora of ways. They can become a much more efficient asset for your law firm, take for example, the following:


  • Availability:
    A Receptionist works during your office hours and exclusively for you. Ensuring that no potential client call goes unanswered and every client finds the solution to their requests.


  • Consistency & Warmth:
    Receptionists maintain consistent professionalism and tone. They avoid sounding robotic or distant. Remember, your law firm’s first impression counts a LOT. You need to ensure your Virtual Receptionist interactions reflect your law firm’s values and principles.


  • Multilingual Support:
    Language barriers are a thing of the past; our Virtual Assistants speak incredible English but can also help with another market sector that might require Spanish assistance.


  • Calendar Management:
    Have your Receptionist help you with scheduling meetings, follow-up and confirming appointments, reminding you of important dates, and much more, freeing up your time and helping make good decisions, and allowing you to focus on more important tasks.


  • Client Data Management:
    Log and organize client information efficiently and keep a much tighter track of your deals.


In conclusion, Virtual Receptionists are vital to scale your business. They are the first line of attack and defense when it comes to capturing new clients. You can leverage their skills to help you with different issues and expect good results. Our vetting process ensures we find the absolute best Virtual Assistant from Latin America. If you want a perfect fit for your business, rest assured you’ll find the perfect match.

Strengthen your law firm with a committed, helpful, and enthusiastic Virtual Receptionist. You can schedule a meeting with one of our incredible Staffers right HERE.

Not convinced? Here’s an incredible resource with more information and valuable tips that will show you how to get the most out of your new incredible Staffer. Download HERE.


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