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National Doglegation Day

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The bond between humans and dogs has endured through the centuries. When thinking of our loyal four-legged friends, we automatically get a smile or a warm feeling. Dogs are known for their loving behavior, unconditional love, non-judgemental, and their ability to understand human emotions. Moreover, dogs are also known for their passion and fierceness when it comes to doing something they enjoy. On August 5th, “National Work Like A Dog Day” is celebrated. We know for a fact lawyers often fall into this category. But the good news is, you don’t have to. Instead of “working like a dog,” why not try Doglegation? In honor of our four-legged friends, this week’s blog will help you determine what you can “Doglegate” so you don’t have to work quite so hard. Discover the art of effective delegation in this blog, breaking free from relentless work and embracing the Liberated Lawyer Lifestyle.

Stressed Out Barkttorneys At Work

Okay, I think with those two puns, it’s more than enough, but you know, sometimes after a ruff day… Ok, fine, I’ll stop; quit hounding me! Anyway, business owners who aren’t particularly keen on hiring or delegating usually find themselves meeting the burnout authorities. More often than others who do delegate and enjoy leisure time for themselves, you don’t need to be Sherlock Bones to discover what could be improved by hiring great talent. You can ask our satisfied clients about their experience with our Top 1% of VA’s and you’ll learn how there are endless pawsibilities.

When was the last time you were really productive? When you truly felt your day was well spent. Sowing the seeds of delegations takes little time; after a proper onboarding process, your Virtual Assistant will start taking care of different tasks that will clear your mind and clear your schedule for a delicious BarkBQ. Doglegation Day is also an opportunity to reward those in your life who really do work. Sharing treats and having a ball! (Fur real, what’s up with the puns?)

Become a Liberated Paw Firm Owner

It’s been more than thousands of years since we as humans started building a relationship with our dogs. Their hardworking nature is rooted in their desire to please us, their strong pack instincts build trust and safety, and their innate intelligence helps us achieve a plethora of tasks, from security enforcement, assistance for people with disabilities, managing livestock, etc. The concept of team building applies the same; adding and training a new employee in your law firm can provide a ton of benefits, not just the tasks you need to delegate.

These qualities in a VA, combined with proper onboarding and a nurturing environment, enable them to excel in a wide range of activities. Making your offshore team indispensable and cherished will strengthen your practice and deliver better results. Stop barking at the wrong tree and start delegating your way to freedom by hiring vetted and committed Staffers. Thousands of lawyers are thriving, traveling more with their families and spending more time on their hobbies.

In conclusion, we are celebrating you, someone who knows the importance of delegation and understands that in order to avoid working non-stop, like a dog, you need to delegate. Appointing tasks to your trusted team keeps getting pointed out amongst great leaders as one of the best tools to upgrade your business. Remember, the spirit and passion of dogs can be translated into your team in different ways where your process will improve. Now, it’s time for you to find (or add) your new VA and keep doglegating! Let’s raise the woof! HIRE YOUR VA HERE.

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