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What Is a Client Happiness Coordinator and What Can You Delegate To Them?

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Building a strong bond with a client has always been one of the main priorities in many law firms, making the client feel like you truly care about him and not only his money. The position you need to hire is a Client Happiness Coordinator (CHC),  someone who executes all of the tasks related to building a strong bond with your clients, listening to their needs, and gathering all the data that will help you as a lawyer, implement a more customer-centric approach to the services you provide.

Tasks You Can Delegate

1- Sending Welcome Kits

Your CHC can help you keep track of new clients and send them incredible Welcome Kits, gifts you think they’ll appreciate and further assist them in their needs. Adding your personal touch doesn’t mean you need to take the time to work on the kits; that’s when your CHC comes in. Nurture your clients with your CHC, and it’ll change how your firm is perceived.

2- Arrange Client and Referral Source Appreciation Events

It’s important to let your clients know you care about them, not only with the mandatory great service but with memorable events. Your CHC can help coordinate an incredible experience for your clients and referrals, strengthening your network and adding value to your service.

3- Client Satisfaction

One of the most crucial aspects of your business is how your clients perceive it. When the service you provide is excellent, and your CHC follows up regularly with clients to see how to help, relationships become stronger. Thanks to your CHC’s talents, your clients will feel like you care about them, keeping them loyal to your firm. 

4- Referral Program Management

Your Client Happiness Coordinator can handle the responsibilities involving managing your referral program. Referrals are among the most effective ways to drive business to your practice. Your CHC can call former clients, too. Calling them is not about the referral itself but rather a smoother way of reminding them about your services, which tends to lead to referrals.

Caring Anticipation

Everywhere we look, we see how businesses advertise how it’s not about selling but about building an “experience.” However, not many achieve it; they get stuck in the “doing a good job” part and don’t delve into the client’s needs for caring and nurturing. A Client Happiness Coordinator can show your clients that you care about them and remind them of the success you achieved for them. HIRE THE TOP 1% CLIENT HAPPINESS COORDINATORS HERE.

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