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Client Engagement 2.0: How To Transform Your Client Communication

Client Engagement 2.0: How To Transform Your Client Communication

In our monthly webinar, we had the incredible opportunity to host our monthly webinar with an incredible guest, Paul Bamert. He is a member of the Case Status Leadership team with a focus on Product Marketing, where he approaches each day through the eyes of an entrepreneur. Paul is passionate about developing new markets and opportunities that can deliver value to all stakeholders: client, employee, shareholder, and public at large. With extensive experience getting new businesses started and on the path to profitability and customer success. During this webinar he’ll teach you how to staff and clients can effectively engage using technology, the main features you need to scale engagement and empowering clients to self-serve, and much more.

Firms Balancings Acts and Related Business Pains

Paul highlights how firms need to focus on both parts of the equation to reach their full potential. Every firm should have a team of client ambassadors who prioritize client-focused engagement to grow your business. Law firms must find a balance between delivering high-quality legal services and optimizing operational efficiency. While clients demand top-notch legal expertise, they also expect timely and cost-effective solutions. Achieving such a delicate balance involves implementing streamlined processes, leveraging technology, and fostering a culture of continuous improvement.

Case Work vs. Client Engagement

Casework is about getting the best outcome for any given case; it’s where staff morale is found and upgraded to become essential to the team. Tenure is also significant and helps complete what Paul calls the “Brand Reality.” Client engagement is built on rapport and establishing a human connection, making everyone feel part of a committed team. “Get Stuff Done” is the part where technology and the staff come together to achieve client satisfaction and establish a strong strong “Brand Perception.”

Where Your Brand Must Be Presented

Apps have dominated the time users spend in their electronic devices, more than 90% of the time people are using apps, instead of browser/websites. You need to decide and engage the platforms you want your firm to be advertised. A front-office needs to be as good as the back-office. In conclusion, consumer experience is paramount, to make it world-class, your firm needs to implement an incredible case management system, like Case Status. You can learn more about Case Status opportunities here. Watch the complete webinar recording next.

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