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24 Months to Freedom Is Out Now

Brett Trembly's Book "24 Months To Freedom" announcement that the book is out!

Introducing “24 Months to Freedom” – A Must-Read Delegation Book by Brett Trembly.

At Get Staffed Up, we are thrilled to announce the release of Brett Trembly’s (our CEO and Co-founder) new book, “24 Months to Freedom: How Modern Law Firms Use Smarter Staffing Solutions to Fast Track Their Way to Success.” The ultimate game plan to staff your law firm with incredible offshore assistants and achieve freedom through smart delegation.

In “24 Months to Freedom” Brett masterfully explains in detail a plan to staff your law firm with great virtual employees. Our mission is to help overworked and stressed-out solo, small, and medium-sized law firm owners achieve freedom of time, money, and purpose. 

Thanks to vivid and evocative wording, Brett’s experience and knowledge shine throughout every chapter of the book. Each chapter contains valuable information on what type of assistant you should integrate into your practice. Carefully explaining the order and how to find the right individuals who excel at the job successfully. With every page, you’ll realize how easy, convenient, and measurable it is to expand your law firm’s reach and the unlimited potential offshore staffers offer to your practice.

Law firm owners who are struggling or are unaware of how to hire the right talent will find relief and clarity in this book. Thanks to the different and unique formulas Brett has developed, lawyers will realize how quickly they can start hiring extraordinary talent into their ranks by following the path to freedom and success shared in the book. Prepare to become captivated and engaged with each chapter and its respective action items you will need to start implementing as soon as possible. Every position in each chapter comes with a crafted guide to success and metrics you can use to track your progress. 

Ready, Set, Delegate!

Early reviewers have already hailed “24 Months to Freedom” as the ultimate solution. Law firm owners praise Brett’s ability to clearly explain the road to smart staffing and how each position is critical to achieving success and saving time and money. The book has been described as “invaluable,” “enlightening,” and “ a practical step-by-step guide on how to build a team.”

What are you waiting for? It’s time to live the life you’ve always dreamed of, work with the best offshore team available in the market and conquer your goals with an unstoppable business. In fact, we are so sure of the book’s effectiveness that we would like for you to get a taste of its incredible content; you can download the first three chapters FOR FREE! See for yourself a glimpse into ultimate freedom, and once ready, start delegating your way to freedom. Download the free chapters HERE.

24 Months to Freedom” is available in both print and ebook formats. You can buy the book here. For more information about Brett Trembly, please visit his LinkedIn profile here, to know more about our services, please visit us at https://getstaffedup.com/virtual-positions/

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