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AI Webinar with Chad Burton

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At GSU, we had the incredible opportunity to host our monthly webinar with an incredible guest, Chad Burton. He is the co-founder of Modern Law Practice, CEO of CuroLegal, and a legal futurist. He has been actively engaged in building the future of legal services throughout his career via his work in building legal technology, creating ABA Blueprint, an AI-driven interface to help attorneys select the best technology for their firms, and developing “new law” business models. During this webinar, he guides us through the process, showing the best way to upgrade your law firm’s intake and answering questions regarding AI implementation for growth.

Updating Traditional Intake

The traditional law firm intake process is time-consuming and inefficient. By automating data collection and analysis, AI can streamline the process. Intake has always been a process that a vast majority of law firms struggle with; sometimes, they have a lot of money sitting in their CRM systems due to a lack of proper follow-up or dysfunctional workflows. Some of the most common pain points law firms suffer from are time-consuming manual data entry, inconsistent or incomplete data collection, and a high risk of errors and omissions in their data entry.

Chad recommends first evaluating the fundamentals of your current intake system, which should include: your team, your process, and your tech. It’s recommended to implement certain features in your intake system, such as a quick response time, a centralized system for data capture, consistent data entry, regimented follow-ups, and data tracking. Having all your information organized and clear will allow you to have an efficient dashboard for all your intake. AI can assist as well with several parts of your workflow, making the process faster and more thorough.

The AI Intake Assistance Method

Chad states how AI-powered intake processes can automate data collection, reduce errors, and provide personalized experiences for clients, enhancing the traditional intake process. Your team can implement a variety of different AI tools to make your law firm more efficient. Tools such as chatbots, online forms, and document analysis can help you streamline the intake process, reduce errors, and, most importantly, save you a ton of time.

AI Tools You Should Start Implementing

  • The Big Dog: Chat GPT
  • Marketing Specific: Jasper.ai
  • Built-in into existing software: Salesforce, Slack, Hubspot, Mailchimp, etc.
  • Custom Builds: Chatbots, Zappier/Make

In conclusion, Chad shares how AI is revolutionizing law firm intake processes, bringing efficiency, accuracy, and improved client experiences to the legal industry. By automating data collection and organization, enhancing client communication, facilitating case assessment, and ensuring compliance and data security, AI-powered tools streamline the intake process and enable law firms to focus on providing high-quality legal services. Your law firm needs to embrace AI technologies so you can gain a competitive edge; this will allow you to deliver faster, more efficient services while maintaining high standards of accuracy and confidentiality. Level up within the rapidly changing legal landscape and keep upgrading your practice.

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