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Daylight Savings… With a VA

Daylight Saving With A Virtual Assistant

Sun’s coming up… a  bit later, it is that time of the year when we say to ourselves “spring forward, fall back.” Facing unlit mornings contrasted with longer and brighter evenings can be hard for people who are accustomed to the regular standard time. Lawyers in particular can find it difficult to adapt to their tight schedules. However, we have great tips for you to make the most out of daylight savings with the assistance of virtual assistants.

Update Your Sleep Schedule

Sleep is critical for lawyers to perform to the best of their abilities. To ensure you are getting enough sleep, consider going to bed 15-30 minutes earlier during the first few days of daylight saving time. With an updated sleeping schedule you’ll be able to adapt quickly and get ahead of your morning tasks with energy. Remember, prioritizing your sleep will provide you with better mornings.

Natural Light Is Your Ally

“Here comes the sun, and we say, it’s go time (turun tutu)” while humming along with the Liverpool boys, we highly encourage you to take advantage of the extra sunlight in the morning by getting outside to walk your dog or do a morning run/workout. It will provide extra strength and oxygenate your brain and body. Exposure to natural light can help regulate your body’s internal clock and make your life easier by being actively awake and present during the day.

Dealing with Deadly Deadlines

Make sure you are aware of any deadlines that fall during the first week of daylight saving time. Your handy virtual assistant can act as a reminder and help you follow up with your pending to-do’s. Overlooking a deadline is more prominent when your body is adjusting to daylight savings time. However, you can get ahead by delegating to your VA and task him to remind you about important deadlines.

Delegation Savings Time

If you are one of those people that just cannot get up early but still gets things done, then a virtual assistant will greatly improve your time management. With proper onboarding, you can let your VA know your work methodology, which allows the VA to know your schedule and get ahead of your needs. Letting your VA know how to work, in order for you to focus on the critical aspects of your business will provide you with a peaceful easy feeling, and even more, time to enjoy your day.

By following these tips, you and every great lawyer can make the most of daylight saving time and ensure you remain productive and focused. Overcome the challenges with the help of amazing virtual assistants. FIND THE PERFECT ONE FOR YOUR FIRM HERE.

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