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Freedom Lifestyle Lawyers: Places to Visit this Holiday Season

Places to Visit This Holiday Season - Freedom Lifestyle Lawyers

One of the best feelings in the world has to be planning a vacation. The excitement of looking for a new adventure, envisioning yourself resting on a calm beach or in a quiet mountain cabin, booking tickets, and gearing up for a fantastic time. All this and more because you’ve been working hard all year and you deserve it. Whether you’d like a traditional postal card Christmas town environment or a unique massive city lights experience, we’ve compiled a list for the Freedom Lifestyle Lawyers, of 5 unforgettable places to visit during this holiday season. Check them out and start marking your calendar.

Leavenworth, Washington

If you are looking for THE place that encompasses and irradiates Christmas spirit, then Leavenworth is the perfect place for you and your family. Prepare to be blown away by the town center, which is modeled on a German Bavarian village. Bonus, you can visit all four seasons and enjoy a plethora of festivals and a wide variety of events year-round. Especially you can’t miss the December “Christmas Lighting Festival, where Santa and some old-fashioned caroling spark up your vacation.

New York, New York

“It’s up to you New York, New York! (tan tan tara tara tan tan)” words you can hear am I, right? What can be said about the mighty Big Apple that hasn’t been said or seen in photos and movies before? It’s an ecosystem with a unique pulse, a vibrant and fast-paced colossal metropolis filled with TONS of things to discover. While on holiday season you can expect jaw-dropping Christmas window displays and decorations throughout downtown. From ice skating, sightseeing, shopping sprees, and endless tours and museums, New York is one particular place that will stay with you forever.

Las Vegas, Nevada

Livin’ la Christmas Loca! The city of lights awaits in the middle of the desert with countless spectacles worthy of a lifetime. Top-tier restaurants, world-class and mind-blowing enormous hotels and so many adventures that you could try. If you are looking for a spot to take the family, or only with friends, Las Vegas definitely has the entertainment you need. Some of the most sought ought year-ending shows are hosted in Vegas. Make sure you start booking ahead because everything sells out faster than you can spend your money at the slot machines.

Durango, Colorado

Are you familiar with the Polar Express? If you are and love the story and/or movie with Tom Hanks, well this is the Christmas town behind it. Durango is close to the Four Corners and is one of the best towns to enjoy during the holiday season. You can ride the iconic train, ski, and experience so many holiday-themed events that will make your vacation one for the books for you and your family.

Bahamas Cruise

Maybe you don’t like the cold that much, in that case, we have an incredible tropical option, a cruise to the Bahamas! The Bahamas islands have everything ranging from taste and style. With its charming weather while enjoying the luxury cruise lifestyle. You can explore more than 700 islands, most of which are uninhabited and full of wildlife, colors and textures. You might need to purchase some extra memory space on your phone or camera because you’ll be taking pictures of everything. With your family or by yourself, a Christmas cruise experience will never leave your memory.

So now that have your destination picked it’s time to start planning the vacation! Hard work and determination are rewarding qualities on their own, but you need to take some time off now and then to rest, recharge and live the wonders of the world outside of your day-to-day environment. Delegation of tasks while you are away it’s extremely important for you to enjoy your trip to the fullest. Leave it up to your virtual assistants and come back to good results and motivation to improve even more the next year.

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