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Rise by Lifting Others: World Kindness Day

Rise By Lifting Others - World Kindness Day

Creating a kinder world sounds like an impossible task these days, with people constantly arguing and nations fighting each other. I only said it “sounds” like something impossible, but it is not, providing support to help the world can be done in so many ways. Being kind, rallying together for the common good, and bringing people of every kind together is something monumental, but perfectly doable if we spread kindness around.

More than 20 years ago the World Kindness Movement was founded. As a registered not-for-profit organization with no political, commercial, or religious affiliations. Bringing like-minded people to reflect upon one of the most defining and unifying human principles, kindness. Rise by lifting others professionally and personally on this beautiful November 13th, World Kindness Day.

Kindness: A Knightly Virtue

When people start gathering and focusing on the positive power of helping others, without expecting rewards or praise in return, magic happens. Acts of generosity can start from the smallest of beginnings to the mightiest of memorials ever built. Honesty in giving and concern for others will always be something admirable and worthy of every great leader.

At work, for example, think of how many opportunities you have daily to be kind to your peers, starting from a simple and warm greeting… I know, so exhausting… kidding, it takes less than 15 seconds, c’mon. You’ll never know if that smile triggers a positive chain around the office and that mundane day turns into a fantastic one. Be kind to your employees, and everyone you encounter. The beauty of kindness is that it is highly contagious and non-lethal.

RAK: Random Acts of Kindness

The mission is to spread kindness around the world with small gestures. From volunteering for projects for those in need in your local community or simply helping random people in the street. At your law firm, your virtual assistants could help you find charities or organizations that align with your core values. Your VA could also reach out to your colleagues to check up on them and offer assistance. Being present means A LOT, to not only your clients but your family, friends, and associates.

Equipped with the power of kindness and your trustful virtual assistant keep nurturing your client’s relationships. Spread a sense of community around your employees, help them bond, and together they’ll rise. Your business deals with real people and amazingly, guess what about kindness? We all have it in us, don’t forget it, and share it.

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