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Movers & Shakers – (Episode 3: Debra Whitson)


New Resolutions For Emotional Conflicts hosted by Debra Whitson, Family Attorney, Mediator and Certified Divorce Specialist.

It is that time again! Time to learn from the best in the business. Welcome back to “Movers and Shakers”, the podcast where we interview lawyers to better understand and celebrate their success. In this episode, our host Joe talks with Debra Whitson, an attorney and law firm owner whose practice is a boutique family law firm that offers everything divorce-related.

She wanted to become a lawyer from a very young age due to a tragic event that happened at her high school. She thought the system was broken and was determined to make a change. When she finished law school she went to work for the government, and after some time she realized that to help more people, private practice was the next step.

Finding New Ways To Solve Problems

How can I help and get the best results? By maybe not always following the traditional path. Avoiding the courthouse became a motto for Debra and her practice. From a passionate perspective, caring for her client’s financial and emotional health. “I think alternative methods to settle peacefully are the best resolution”. Focus on values rather than positions generates a more empathetic and human approach to a conflict.

The path to warfare in court is something that always has collateral effects, especially on children. Everybody hurts in a divorce. Taking the high road with a clear vision is extremely gratifying in the long road for her clients. Because of her amazing mediation and conflict resolution skills, sometimes the fighting couples get back together. That is talent and excellent communication.

Beyond Money: There’s Value In Impacting A Life

Going through an emotional process in court has bad implications and it’s heavy on the families, children, and caring attorneys as well. Debra shares with Joe how working with her clients and their incredible and personal stories is very humbling. Helping them sometimes achieve a moment of catharsis when they unfold all their emotional baggage. Sometimes that baggage could be clouding their judgment.

Debra shares how you as an attorney need to be aligned with your belief and values to pursue true clarity and purpose to help others achieve the best resolution possible. Dealing with emotional and personal valuables has an impact, always. Learn from all the experiences, and use them to upgrade your toolkit. Being competent, smart, and prepared does not mean you need to be a courthouse pit bull, you can be excellent and professional while being human and empathetic.

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