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How Your Virtual Marketing Assistant Can Manage & Grow Your Digital Ads

Virtual Marketing Assistant

Growing a firm depends heavily on marketing and advertising. As much as we might like to suppose otherwise, marketing and advertising, more so than technical expertise, explain why certain firms grow and scale and other firms plateau. Technical expertise, relevant experience, educational credentials, concrete results – all these things matter when it comes to scaling a law practice, but ultimately marketing and advertising are what separates the top firms.

Given this reality, how can a virtual assistant help in this respect? In this post, we’re going to discuss how a virtual marketing assistant (VMA) can help in the areas of digital marketing and advertising.

SEM / Paid Online Advertising

If you want to improve your digital advertising, you need to find something familiar with Google Ads. Google offers various advertising plans which can be designed and customized to suit each particular client. One of the standard advertising tools is the “pay-per-click” model, which essentially charges the client based on how many clicks are achieved from potential customers. The pay- per-click (or “PPC”) model automatically gives good representation and visibility to the client, but the cost is tied to actual results. There are other digital advertising options too. You need to find a VMA who knows about these paid advertising possibilities if you want to maximize your revenues.

Social Media Advertising / Marketing

In addition to PPC and other similar opportunities, there are also plenty of opportunities on social media. Various platforms, including Facebook, offer paid advertising options. Including “geographic ads”, designed to reach users within a specific radius. Other platforms, such as Instagram and TikTok, likewise have opportunities to run paid advertisements. When selecting a VMA, you might want to query your candidate on his or her fluency with these media, because someone with expertise can be a huge benefit.

Search Engine Optimization

Finally, search engine optimization (SEO) is the organic method to grow your business via online marketing. SEO uses various principles (i.e. “best practices”) to improve the searchability of websites via search engines. Hiring a virtual marketing assistant, experienced with SEO will be greatly beneficial. Law firms can use SEO methods to increase their visibility to potential clients. A law firm can improve its visibility, through high quality material, videos, link building, and other methods.

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