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The Staffed and Winding Road to Success (Q&A with GSU Co-founders)

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It’s been almost 4 years since the foundation of Get Staffed Up, a company focused on staffing law firms with the top 1% of international full-time virtual assistants. Helping lawyers delegate their way to freedom with the help of a fiercely international-talented team. Brett Trembly and Enrique Fernandez‘s necessity to find a solution to their increasingly stressful lifestyles eventually led to a business model that revolutionized the post-pandemic era way of building remote efficient working environments for lawyers.

Gathering Talent and Dramatically Reducing Costs

Lawyers themselves, Brett and Enrique had first-hand experience regarding stressful times, because of their programmed way of thinking. Meaning they should try and do most of the law firm work with the least possible help. Their eureka moment happened when they realized how much money they could save. Taking advantage of global economies while out-sourcing the best off-shore talent.

They started working on building a solid and efficient internal team. Focusing on all the key aspects of day to day operation of a regular law firm and small business. Virtual assistants could take care of all the administrative tasks. By starting to delegate, they quantifiably identified how much money they where saving and making at the same time. They hit the jackpot.

Craft the Solution for Absolution

“Wanting” to get ahead of the competition is not enough, you need to methodically complete project after project to increase your company’s strength. To achieve it, you mainly need, money and TIME, and if you don’t have a capable team to help you with the grinding aspects of the business, you are in for one hellish-bumpy ride. Brett and Enrique says: “Delegating is the key ingredient”, helping you eliminating risk, increasing your margins and your overall happiness. What more could you ask for? GSU’s excellent recruitment process has been one of its biggest qualities. Offering an immediate replacement guarantee and resulting in a retention rate of over 90% for our clients. Creating an international A-team is now a reality and thousands of satisfied clients with nothing but praise for Get Staffed Up’s virtual assistants can gladly vouch for us.

Get Staffed Up enters #67 at Inc5000

We proudly share with you our newest milestone, we made it into the the most prestigious ranking of the fastest-growing private companies in America. The Inc5000 list includes the most successful companies within independent businesses. We would like to thank each and everyone of our clients. We would like to thank you for your support, we couldn’t have done it without you.

Our goal has always been about helping lawyers delegate their way to freedom. We will continue to do so. Your support means the world to us!

Questions & Answers with Brett

1. What spark ignited the flame to create GSU?

B: “For early-stage entrepreneurs, stomaching the cost of hiring is daunting. At least for those of us who are bootstrapped and don’t come from family money. However, the great paradox is that you’ll never actually have money to hire until after you hire, because you’ll be too busy doing routine tasks to get any real work done. Plus, good team members don’t cost you money, they make you money. So we saw a much less expensive way to hire administrative and marketing positions by going nearshore, with zero drop off in quality. Unlike most virtual staffing companies, we are in different countries in Latin America, which is an enormous competitive advantage. It was really an “aha” moment, and the rest is history”.

2. What kind of company culture is filtering down from senior management to the rest of the team?

B: “For some reason I dislike the term “senior management.” Nevertheless, our company culture is one of fun, happy and hard-working people united for a great cause. We’re lead by our core values, and they permeate everything we do” Attack Your Day, Be Incredible, Complete the Job, Dream Big, and Excuse Free Attitude”.

3. What is your approach to motivating and developing talent at GSU?

B: “Our talent is 90% homegrown, meaning all of our Directors of our eight departments were early hires in the Company. They’ve moved around departments quite a bit, which means our approach is to identify amazing talent and then move them to where they can succeed. While we have robust training, we also believe in sink or swim. We don’t hire order takers, we hire people who can add value to the team and think for themselves while also playing within the confines of what we have developed”.

4. The most challenging aspect of your business and the most rewarding one.

B: “The most rewarding is easy – the over 1,000 jobs we’ve created in countries where steady, reliable, full-time employment isn’t always available. The amazing people we’ve hired have started to get married, have kids, buy houses, it’s so fulfilling to be a part of. The most challenging part has been managing our growth. Very few people have run non-tech companies who are scaling like we are, so growing while also maintaining industry-best customer service and maintaining our culture is really challenging but also fun”.

5. What do you think about the design of your organization and being in a remote office environment?

B: “Remote work has been easy for us, because we don’t know anything different. Our team has the flexibility to work from anywhere in the world. Talk about a dream job”.


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