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How to Add a Marketing Professional Worth $250K to Your Team – For $2,050 per Month!

How to Add a Marketing Professional Worth $250K to Your Team – For $2,050 per Month!

No matter how you spin it, the purpose of marketing is ultimately to grow your business and increase your revenue. There is simply no other point to marketing your services. If you spend $100,000 to market your services, and then you only manage to increase your revenue by $90,000, you would be in the red by $10,000 even though you had some successful conversions. If you’re spending more than your converting, you need to go back to the drawing board. A lot of law firm owners are “big vision” thinkers. They have tons of ideas in their heads, but they struggle to translate those ideas into reality in a cost-effective way. Law firm owners might have plenty of great marketing ideas, but then they usually end up spending more on the marketing itself than they generate in new income. The end result is a net negative, which can be frustrating.

Fortunately, we can help: when you hire an affordable virtual assistant, you can translate your marketing concepts into reality in a way that won’t break the bank. 

Hire a Top Rated Virtual Assistant at an Affordable Rate 

When it comes to successfully implementing new marketing strategies, one of the biggest hurdles is the upfront cost: a lot of marketing specialists charge hefty fees, so turning a profit on a new idea can be quite difficult. What if there were a solution to this common problem? We believe we’ve found at least one workable solution in the form of top-notch virtual assistants. Now, with current technology, it’s possible to hire a highly talented virtual assistant for a relatively affordable rate; this virtual assistant can perform various marketing tasks in a cost-effective manner. With a top-notch VA, you can potentially generate heavy profits without having to spend a huge amount on marketing fees. You may be able to crack $250,000 while only spending less than $25,000 in salary!


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    Hire a Virtual Assistant with a Marketing Focus

    Long gone are the days when the virtual assistant generalist dominated the market. Now, with the increasing need for specialization, virtual assistants have responded appropriately and can provide more focused services when necessary. You can hire a VA with a concentration in marketing, and then you can attempt to implement your marketing ideas in an effective and efficient way. You can easily find a virtual assistant with precisely the background you’re searching for – someone with experience with brochures, social media, business to business, business to consumer, online advertising, or some other area.  

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