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Top 10 Questions When Interviewing Your Next VA

Top 10 Questions When Interviewing Your Next VA

When it comes to interviewing new candidates, there is a virtually limitless supply of questions available. Nailing down the top 10 questions law firm owners should want to ask can be very difficult because there is so much you need to know. In this post, we’ve come up with what we think is a fairly decent “top 10” list. When you’re interviewing for your next virtual assistant (VA), don’t be shy to borrow heavily from this list.

1. Why Did You Choose Your Current Career? 

This can be highly relevant because someone’s motivation can give you a good sense of their long-term viability. In many cases, people gravitate to virtual assistantships because they have excellent computer skills and a need for a flexible schedule, so if you receive this type of favorable response you should be good.

2. What Concentrations / Specializations Do You Have?

As we’ve discussed before, not all virtual assistants have the same skills and competencies, so you need to determine the compatibility of your candidate’s skills and your needs.

 3. Are You Interested in Expanding / Learning New Skills? 

If your candidate doesn’t have the exact skills you’re looking for, this isn’t necessarily a dealbreaker. But you need to confirm that your prospective hire has the ability and desire to learn new things.

 4. What are Your Computer Skills?

Given the requirements and demands of a VA job, you should be sure to verify that your VA has certain computer-based skills. And, if they don’t have the precise skills you need, see the previous question.


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    5. What are Your Best Strengths and Weaknesses?

    This can be a very useful question as it allows your candidate to share useful business information and also open up a bit personally. This will enhance comfortability and ease of communication.

    6. How Do You Handle Stress / Tight Deadlines?

    As law firm owners know, law firms often grapple with tight deadlines and heavy expectations from clients. You need to be certain that your VA understands these realities and is comfortable in this environment.

    7. Do You Have Any Special Schedule Issues / Needs? 

    As we mentioned, one of the primary motivations of virtual assistants is a flexible schedule, so you should take the time to learn the details about this situation during the interview. Find out exactly what kind of schedule issues your VA will have.

    8. Do You Foresee Your Current Career as a Long-Term Project?

    This is another question that touches on longevity. If you’re looking to invest long-term into a particular person, then you should discuss the career plans of your candidate. Of course, not every person has their entire future mapped out, but this question can at least give you a bit of insight into this area.

    9. What is Your Expected Compensation?

     This one is a must because your VA can’t join your team unless their compensation expectations are in line with your expectations.

    10. When is Your Soonest Available Start Date?

    This is simple enough. If your VA passes all the screening questions, naturally you should want to know when he or she can start.

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