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Celebrating Freedom

Celebrating Freedom

The Fourth of July on Our Fourth Company Anniversary 

July 4 was Independence Day, the day on which the United States celebrates its achievement of political freedom from England. No one can deny the importance of this day in America’s national psyche. Coincidentally, this year also marks the fourth anniversary of Get Staffed Up, LLC as a company. We want to use this unique “4th of July on the 4th anniversary” opportunity to highlight all the ways in which our company has given freedom to our clients. To date, GSU has successfully helped over 600 lawyers, across the country, find capable virtual assistants (VA) for their firms. Just as the revolutionaries of the past did so much for our freedom today, let’s take a moment to see the ways we’ve contributed toward freedom in our business.

Freedom to Grow the Business

Get Staffed Up has contributed mightily to the growth of many law firms around the country with its placement of virtual assistants. Now, with capable VAs, many businesses have the “freedom” to grow and flourish with remote or hybrid teams. The traditional way of growing a law firm has become too expensive. By hiring VAs for multiple positions you are able to minimize your costs on overheads.


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    Freedom to Go Virtual

    Prior to learning about virtual assistants, a lot of law firm owners were stuck in the pre-digital era, with many firms having only in-person staff. In many cases, firm owners just simply assumed that having permanent virtual staff on board was not possible. Now, by working with GSU, many law firms have been “freed” from the strictures of only hiring in-person staff. Law firm owners now know that virtual staff can be just as productive, efficient, and beneficial as in-person staff – and in some cases can even go beyond in-person staff on these measures. Firm owners have been able to declutter their workspace, for instance, by outsourcing tasks for virtual assistants. On the whole, the “freedom” to go virtual has led to a lot of extra success for law firms. 

    Freedom to Take More Vacations / Holidays


    Virtual assistants bring a whole lot to the table. One of the many benefits of VAs is assistance with scheduling and planning vacations. VAs can provide direct assistance with booking flights, developing itineraries, booking hotels and activities, and so forth. This can greatly reduce the workload for law firm owners. Moreover, outsourcing tasks to VAs can also free up a lot of additional time, and some of that time can be spent on vacation.

    Contact Get Staffed Up for More Information

    These are just a few of the ways in which GSU has increased the freedom of around 600 staffed-up clients across the country. If you’d like to learn more, reach out to Get Staffed Up, LLC today by calling 866-763-5699.

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