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5 Ways Your VA Can Help You Plan Your Summer Vacation

5 Ways You VA Can Help You Plan Your Summer Vacation

Summer is here, and with this season comes a whole host of possibilities: new clients, new hires, and new opportunities for rest and relaxation. Depending on where you’re located, the summer month might give you a few sunburns, but those sunburns can be more than compensated for with a rewarding vacation. Although it may sound counter-intuitive, treating yourself to a nice summer vacation can be a big boost when it comes to your performance and productivity in your business. And the reason is that people need rest and relaxation in order to recharge themselves.

If you’re a law firm owner, and you have a virtual assistant, you will be pleased to learn that your VA can handle a lot more than just the usual tasks – bookkeeping, marketing, scheduling, and so forth. Your VA can help you plan and execute your summer vacation at every step along the way. Let’s take a look at 5 specific ways that your VA can provide assistance in this area.

1. Booking Flights

Few things are more irritating than searching for flights. These days, there are so many options when it comes to booking – third-party companies, direct booking with airlines, booking via travel agencies, and so on. Do yourself a favor: let your VA handle this part of your trip. You will save yourself plenty of time and energy.

2. Booking Hotels

The task of booking your hotel is nearly as time-consuming and energy-draining as booking your flight. The same basic issues apply: there are so many different ways to book today, and finding the best possible deal can be very taxing. Let your VA take care of this task and you will be glad you never bothered with it.


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    3. Booking Rental Cars / Transportation


    Again, you don’t want to waste your time and energy sorting through countless deals, options, discounts, and special opportunities. As we know, there is just enough choice in booking rental cars as there is booking flights and hotels. Plus, if you need additional transportation – such as train tickets, bus cards, etc. – your VA can assist with this too.

    4. Developing an Itinerary

    Suppose you’re taking a much-needed getaway to a foreign country – France, Thailand, or Mexico – the task of creating an itinerary can be very demanding, especially if your trip isn’t going to be short. If you’re taking a 3 weeks vacation to another country, having a VA assist with your itinerary can be very rewarding.

     5. Booking Restaurants


    The same thing applies to restaurants. Think about it: if you’re traveling around Paris, there will be countless opportunities to sample the local cuisine. With all those options, do you really want to spend time cycling through possibilities and then become paralyzed with too many choices, or do you want your VA to step in? We think this is a no-brainer.

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