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3 Lessons I Learned from My Dad

3 Lessons I Learned from My Dad

Father’s Day (June 19, 2022) has come and gone, but the lessons from this day are often enough to last us for a whole lifetime. Father’s Day is a very important day on the calendar, just like Mother’s Day. Few things in life are as important as family, and Father’s Day reminds us about the critical role that fathers play in our lives. Writing a post about all the lessons fathers provide could take up many, many pages, and so today we’re just going to focus on 3 of the most significant lessons given to us by fathers. 

#1: Perseverance

 Perseverance is basically the ability to remain committed to something even in the face of obstacles and setbacks. When you “persevere,” you’re basically persisting with a particular activity or goal despite having things in your path. Given the demands of rearing a child, we know that fathers need to have this trait down almost perfectly. Raising a child brings about all sorts of challenges – financial needs, emotional struggles, moral education, etc. – and dealing with those challenges can often be very taxing. The only way to really succeed is with a good amount of perseverance. Fortunately for lawyers, this trait can carry over and pay dividends in the legal world. Running a law firm requires a lot of perseverance because law firms see challenges arise on a daily basis.


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    #2: Diligence 

    Along with perseverance, fathers also teach us a critical lesson about diligence. As all parents are aware, raising a child comes with a huge list of responsibilities. In fact, it’s not uncommon for many new parents to feel completely exhausted for months after having their child. There are just so many tasks – buying clothing, worrying about diet and nutrition, physical health, schooling, and so forth – a great deal of energy is needed to take care of everything. Not all fathers have the same kind of work ethic, but the nature of the job itself means that few fathers can get away with being lazy. This is exactly the type of lesson which can seriously benefit a law firm owner. Law firms often put enormous work demands on owners, which is why working through the night is a common phenomenon. In many cases, firm owners were given a special model to follow from their fathers.

    #3: Selflessness

     Let’s face it: being a parent is hardly an occupation to embrace if you’re a selfish person. When you’re a parent, you’re literally dedicating huge amounts of time, energy, and resources to another person. Of course, your children are your legacy, and so this makes being selfless as a parent a bit easier; but the fact remains that parents simply cannot be overly preoccupied with themselves while they raise their children. There must be selfless dedication, especially at certain times. Like perseverance and diligence, selflessness is another great lesson to take away from fathers.

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