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Why Insourcing Is Better Than The DIY Model

outsourcing vs the diy model

Insourcing vs. The DIY Model

Many law firm owners believe that the “DIY Model” is the best method to go about hiring and onboarding new employees. The DIY model, however, has a set of drawbacks and challenges. This makes it a difficult model to use and still maximize revenues. In this blog, we will discuss why insourcing is better than the DIY model. When a firm hires a new employee, the typical cost of hiring that employee is around $4,129. Whilst the average time is about 42 days. Imagine if a law firm owner had to hire for the same position multiple times in the same year – that could easily cost north of $10,000 in a single year, for a single position! Then, you need to account for the additional overhead which comes with having an extra person in your physical office – parking, office space, computers, supplies, etc.

If you insource with a remote worker, you’ve effectively eliminated a huge chunk of the cost of hiring a new employee, and you don’t sacrifice any productivity or quality! Download our free resource HERE to learn the SMART way to staff your law firm.

Additional Benefits of the Insourcing Model

Insourcing remote workers comes with various other benefits too. Besides the cost of hiring, overhead, and quality, law firm owners also benefit from reduced payroll and employment taxes; saving on those items can rapidly improve the bottom line. Because remote workers are already well-trained in their area, firm owners also spend less on onboarding their remote workers, on the whole. With a remote, virtual assistant, you will be able to add a productive new member for a fraction of the labor cost, keep clutter down in the office, and maintain the same level of productivity, or higher, going forward.

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