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On May 17th, 2022, Brett Trembly, attorney and co-founder of Get Staffed Up, was featured on the Maximum Lawyer Podcast. Hosted by attorneys Jim Hacking and Tyson Mutrux, Maximum Lawyer Podcast aims to collaborate with attorneys from all over the world to share ideas, resources, solutions, challenges, and triumphs of being a legal entrepreneur.

In this fantastic episode, Jim,  Tyson, and Brett discuss the journey of hiring and business culture. They start by diving into Brett’s background and how he became a successful lawyer and entrepreneur. While in law school, Brett enjoyed litigation, and as an entrepreneur at heart, he always knew he wanted to create something of his own. After law school, he worked for a small law firm for three years. He realized he was ready for more and started his law firm in 2011. Since then, Brett’s law firm has grown to over 30 employees and 11 attorneys.

Hiring to Grow

The one principle that has allowed Brett to grow his business is early hiring. However, he had to learn this lesson after struggling with his law firm. After years of trying everything himself, he is now a delegation expert. The truth is that you cannot afford to do things yourself. This is because when you do anything other than legal work, you will not grow. However, you can bill double the work hours within a month when you delegate all the administrative tasks needed to run a business and focus on the legal profession.

Tyson asks Brett how did Get Staffed Up came about. Brett explains that he and his business partner had synergy and knew that they wanted to work together. As soon as ‘offshore staffing’ became a topic of discussion, they knew that bringing that to the legal sector would help people get over their first hire, a significant pain point for all business owners. After designing the business model and implementing some systems, they officially launched Get Staffed Up in July 2018. With no plans to slow down, Get Staffed Up can recruit incredible people from Latin America on a scale. The mission is to free lawyers from doing everything themselves.

Listen to the full episode HERE.





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