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3 Lessons I Learned from My Mom

3 Lessons I Learned from My Mom

Mother’s Day was Sunday, May 8. This is a day on which we all take the time to honor our mothers and pay tribute to all the things they have done for us throughout our lives. Needless to say, being a mother is an arduous job! There are so many things that need to be done, it’s no wonder why many mothers are often exhausted. As law firm owners, there are plenty of lessons you can take away from your mother as you attempt to run your firm as best as you can. In this blog, we will share the top “3 lessons I learned from my mom”.

#1: The Art of Delegating Tasks

 If you think back, you will probably recall that your mother was a near expert when it came to delegating tasks. Of course, our mothers usually don’t delegate tasks in the same way that a firm manager would; but mothers can and often do delegate tasks with great skill. You may remember your mother subtly sneaking in requests for assistance: “Can you help with the laundry, please?” “Please set the table before dinner,” or “no dessert until your room is cleaned.” Although you didn’t recognize them at the time, these are really just examples of delegating household chores. You can take a page from your mother in this way and integrate this practice into your professional routine.


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    #2: Time Management

    Another great lesson you can take away is time management. When you think about all the things that your mother helped you with, it’s almost a miracle that your mother was able to accomplish so much. Most mothers can only provide as much assistance after they master certain time management skills. These are precisely the same kind of skills you need to operate a high-functioning law firm. You need to focus your time wisely, being sure to spend the most time on revenue-maximizing activities. If you can’t properly manage your time, you may end up losing clients and ultimately losing revenue.

    #3: Selflessness / Team Attitude

    Finally, the third lesson you can take away is selflessness (or, having a team attitude). For a company to thrive, all the employees have to collaborate well together and function like a well-oiled engine. To make this happen, the employees have to possess the proper attitude, and the proper attitude is similar to the one your mother had when she performed her job as a parent. Mothers are renowned for the way that they selflessly put their children’s needs ahead of their own; of course, most companies cannot expect employees to have this exact type of attitude, but something approaching this attitude would be excellent. When employees selflessly put the company’s needs on a pedestal, great things can happen. Fostering this type of mentality won’t be easy, but if you create something close to this the results can be very rewarding.

    Besides these important life lessons, mothers give us life and teach us how to live. They’re mentors for how to think and act, how to love and feel, and how to express ourselves. Happy Mother’s Day!

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