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5 Ways to Deal with Tech Burnout

5 Ways to Deal with Tech Burnout

April 7 is World Health Day, one of the more commonly overlooked calendar days of the year. This year, you should be sure to pay attention to this day and use this opportunity to address one of the most pressing issues in most offices: tech burnout. Law firms today are one of the biggest consumers of advanced technology: lawyers, just like many other professionals, use laptops, the latest smartphones, the most up-to-date printers, and so forth. Given all the time spent using these gadgets, lawyers and legal staff professionals often become burned out, and this burnout shows up in various ways (including productivity).

Here is a list of 5 ways to deal with tech burnout law firm owners can do and potentially turn things around this year.

1. Take a Walk / Jog Every Day

Technology can be a wonderful asset, but if you don’t balance out technology use with physical exercise, you can end up causing problems for your health. Make sure that you get sufficient physical exercise. Toward this goal, try to take a short walk or jog every day. Perhaps you can take a 30-minute jog on your lunch break.

2. Read a Book for at Least 1 Hour

Staring at computer and phone screens all day can be draining, particularly on your eyes. Perhaps you can give your eyes a break from a screen and read a book (hard copy – not on your phone!) for at least 1 hour per day. Reading a book can be relaxing both for your eyes and your mind as well.


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    3. Daily Meditation

    When you are always working, you can easily forget that at any minute you could drop, you’re tense and you haven’t breathed deeper than your upper chest for over 24 hours. Meditation provides an opportunity for you to check-in with your body. It also allows you to go within and observe your thoughts and emotions rather than trying to tackle them. This gives you a new perspective on a very busy mind and far more space to make more rational decisions and reduce procrastination. If you haven’t ever tried it, give it a go.

    4. Join a Local Sports Club 

    This is another way to get regular physical exercise, and also meet new people in your local community. Whether you play softball, basketball, soccer, or another sport, you should try to join a local club. This is a sure way to address tech burnout and improve your mental wellbeing. 

    5. Use a Desk Treadmill / Exercise Ball / Stand at Your Desk

    Although this may not combat tech burnout in the same way as the other suggestions, this one has become increasingly popular over the last decade or so: use a desk treadmill, or exercise ball, or stand at your desk. Using an exercise ball to sit on, or standing as opposed to sitting – are ways that you can bring some novelty to your day and take a bit of the tech stress out of your daily equation.

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