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Publish That Book!

Publish that book

Publishing a book is undoubtedly a monumental achievement. Writing a book requires a considerable investment of time, skill and energy, and so whenever a person publishes something it is an occasion to be celebrated. As law firm owners, you likely don’t have too much extra time to devote to a project such as writing and publishing a book. This is exactly why you should take the time to learn about how you can streamline and simplify the book writing and publishing process. Writing a book can have tremendous benefits, including greater exposure and marketing for your firm. Take a look at our webinar video on this topic, and read below to learn more and ‘Publish that book’!

Writing the Content

The first part of the book publishing process is the writing, and the writing can be broken down into several distinct steps. The first step is to get an outline of the idea of your book and its basic structure. Develop an outline, and then move forward to the first draft. Your outline should have a map for each chapter, so you have a clear sense of what each chapter will contain. If you get stuck at any point, refer back to your outline so that you reacquaint yourself with your fundamental goals and positions. Remember, your initial draft is mostly about getting something down, you will have plenty of time to edit and polish things in the future.

Editing the Content

The next step in the process is editing your content. Like the writing process, the editing process involves multiple steps. You need to have proofreaders review your content and ensure that it meets certain standards of professionalism and quality. You also need to review your own material before it goes to the final pre-publication stage. Besides proofreading, you should also have professional editors go over your content; they can excise certain things, or suggest additions, and make your all around produce a bit better.


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    Publishing the Book

    The next step is publishing your book. Here, there are likewise multiple steps, and also multiple avenues available. The traditional route involves submission to a publisher, which will typically require assistance from a consultant or other professional in the industry. The publisher will acquire certain rights, and you will need to negotiate a royalty structure. You may not attract the publisher of your choice, by the way, and so self-publishing may also be an option. Self-publishing can be beneficial because you have more creative control, but you are responsible for the whole process.

    Marketing the Book

    Finally, the final step in this process is the marketing stage. In today’s world, you have many different ways to go about marketing your book. In addition to the usual avenues – radio, television, print advertising – you can also take advantage of social media, as well as online platforms such as Amazon and others. These new avenues will give you copious opportunities to promote your book and make it successful.

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