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Cherish Your VA on Employee Appreciation Day

Employee Appreciation Da

It’s the month of March, and Employee Appreciation Day is upon us. This year, employers have plenty of reasons to be particularly grateful for solid employees. The U.S. is still undergoing a massive economic recovery, and many parts of the country continue to report labor shortages. Many employers are still offering all sorts of unusual incentives to entice potential candidates, such as signing bonuses for entry-level positions, greater flexibility, and so forth. If you have great employees, now is the time to show your gratitude.

In this blog, we will talk about a few ways you can cherish your local and remote employees this month.

Give Recognition in a Public Forum

Although things such as monetary bonuses can be nice, public recognition is an excellent way to show appreciation for a stellar employee. This year, give your virtual assistant appreciation by providing recognition in a public forum – a local magazine, newspaper, company newsletter, social media, or website. Recognition can be particularly meaningful for virtual assistants because these employees often don’t feel connected to the wider company.


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    Sponsor a Company Event

    Another way to show appreciation is to sponsor an event in which your VA can participate. Company events can be challenging for VA’s, because most VA’s cannot attend in-person gatherings. This year, find an online-based activity that can include your virtual assistant. Online gaming events, trivia parties, or other events may be possible ideas.

    Provide Greater Flexibility

    Your company probably has a fixed schedule and fixed routines for a reason: these things help your company function optimally. Although this may be true, your company can also benefit by allowing employees to have more flexibility in certain ways, because doing so shows that you’re responsive to your employees’ needs. Virtual assistants often benefit from flexibility a great deal because of their distance from the company’s office. This year, show appreciation by allowing greater flexibility for your VA. Perhaps you can allow your VA to begin his or her day at a later time, or work 4 long days and then have an extra day off, and so forth.

    These are some examples of different non-monetary ways you can cherish your employee this month. Our main takeaway for you today is to remember to make the members of your staff feel valued.

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