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Love Your Law Firm by Finding Freedom

Love Your Law Firm by Finding Freedom

In many ways, running a law firm is a matter of time, but loving your law firm is a matter of freedom. There are only so many hours in a day, and so many minutes in an hour; those minutes and those hours have to be carefully divided up and dedicated to tasks that have the highest priority. If you don’t carefully manage your time, and simply allow minutes to tick away, you will quickly find yourself scrambling to run your firm properly. There are all sorts of approaches you can take when it comes to developing a workable routine. But the bottom line is that you need to cut out as many non-essential items as possible and focus on the true priorities.

If a salesperson calls your office and wishes to give you an unsolicited pitch for something you don’t need, this is a prime example of something to avoid. From a sheer time management perspective, you need to avoid these types of calls. In order to run your firm properly, and show sufficient praise and appreciation for your staff and colleagues, you need time. You need time to run your business, time to give praise, and also time to spend with loved ones. The question becomes: how can you create additional free time while trying to juggle the responsibilities of a busy firm?

Extra Free Time with a Virtual Assistant (VA)

Here at Get Staffed Up, we wholeheartedly believe that a virtual assistant is the best route to creating more time. When you hire a virtual assistant, you are delegating various tasks. This process of outsourcing simultaneously increases your available time. VAs can assist with all sorts of tasks, including bookkeeping, accounting, marketing, scheduling, etc.  And so the possibilities for adding time are quite vast. If you embrace this opportunity, you can potentially create a substantial amount of additional time. You can use this newly created time to focus on other essential activities. Such as growing revenue with client acquisition, reviewing associate performance, giving appreciation to employees, or spending more time with your friends and family. Remarkably, given the improvements in technology, VAs can assist in these ways without sacrificing any quality or efficiency whatsoever.


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    Refer Away!

    We feel so confident in the ability of VAs to provide freedom for our clients, we’ve set up a bonus system for those who encourage others to use our program. We know that this system will only work if our clients are satisfied, and we have every expectation that this will be the case. Our referral system offers a bonus for both clients and non-clients. If a client refers a new client, then the client giving the referral will receive a one-time bonus of $500. This bonus is one-time, which means that each referral can only lead to $500, no matter how many deals are generated from a particular referral. If the same referred client creates more than one deal, the bonus is still only $500.

    If a client makes a referral, but the deal doesn’t go through right away, then the bonus will be only $250. Non-clients who refer a client will receive a $250 bonus. Similarly, the bonus is limited to $250 per referred client, so multiple deals with a single referred client won’t lead to an extra bonus.

    Freeing up time is easy, start loving your law firm today with these simple steps.

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