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Happiness Coordinator – Your Ticket to a Good Customer Experience

Happiness Coordinator, Your ticket to a Good Customer Experience

Strangely, when newly minted lawyers graduate from law school, they know quite a bit about the law, but surprisingly little about the business of being a lawyer. In fact, many new lawyers know almost nothing about the business of law. This is why many new lawyers are shocked at all the administrative aspects of actually running a law firm. Unless they hire the right staff, many law firm owners can spend the majority of their time performing administrative functions, instead of practicing law and billing clients. These administrative functions include invoicing, banking, scheduling, client acquisition, client engagement, accounting, marketing, and so forth. As it turns out, these other functions are a major part of operating a profitable firm. Another function that is needed for a healthy firm is a client happiness coordinator.

In this post, we will share why it is important for law firm owners to hire and retain a virtual client happiness coordinator. As well as, the particular tasks which are performed by these employees.

Job Functions of Happiness Coordinators

Your client happiness coordinator essentially performs all the tasks which are necessary in order to maximize client satisfaction. In this new era of social media, maximizing client satisfaction is as critical as ever. If you have a bad review on social media, for instance, this can compromise your future client acquisition efforts. However, with a coordinator, you could easily manage clients’ expectations. Your coordinator will be the point of contact with clients when it comes to follow-up communication,  scheduling, liaison, and client gifts and rewards.


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    After you have your initial consultation with clients, you want to turn over much of the communication responsibilities to your client happiness coordinator. While your coordinator performs these core communication tasks you can concentrate on other functions. Your coordinator can ask your clients about the particular ways in which his or her experience with the firm can be improved. 

    Special Benefits of Client Happiness Coordinators

    As mentioned, the business of law is much more involved than the practice of law. When lawyers practice law, they apply legal principles, analyze businesses, plot strategies, and assist clients in various ways. But the business of running a law firm involves a great deal more than just practicing law. One of the primary focus areas of operating a law firm is converting new clients, promoting client satisfaction, and generating referrals. Simply put, a client happiness coordinator can help with all these goals. All these objectives are highly critical, they are instrumental to keeping your business up and running. For this reason, hiring a specific person to help realize these goals is of the essence.

    Too often, firms focus on the technical aspects of law or the more detached aspects of marketing rather than being concerned with direct contact and engagement with clients. You cannot approach client satisfaction in a strictly numerical or probabilistic manner. You need a live person to keep track of all your client communication, engagement, and follow-up.

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