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Benefits of Using Get Staffed Up Instead of onlinejobs.ph

Benefits of Using Get Staffed Up Instead of onlinejobs.ph

As the co-founder of Get Staffed Up and a firm believer in the company’s purpose, an endorsement from myself (Brett Trembly) can’t be described as the most impartial referral. That being said, I truly feel that Get Staffed Up has the potential to add tremendous value to firms across the country. This feeling is backed up by hard data and customer feedback. When we think about how to define a particular company, sometimes we can’t help but differentiate that company from its competitors. This tendency exists in so many areas of life, and the business world is no exception. When we think about Google, for instance, we can’t help but think about the various ways in which Google is differentiated from its competitors, such as Bing (from Microsoft). We’d like to do a bit of this today, and briefly mention how our model differs from the model of onlinejobs.ph

We Have a Proven Track Record of Success

At Get Staffed Up, we recruit top talent from various countries. We have a very tough applicant screening process that enables us to recruit the top 1% in quality from various places. Primarily, our virtual assistants hail from countries in Latin America rather than other countries such as the Philippines (onlinejobs.ph). One of the main reasons is that the accents from Latin America are highly attractive to our customers. At the end of the day, customer feedback is of paramount importance, and so we have to rely on this feedback which rates the accents and communication skills of our VAs so highly. 

Time zones are another big factor as well. We’ve found that the time zones of our VAs in Latin America (and other places too) harmonize with the schedules of our customers very nicely. Again, this isn’t a knock against talent found in other countries, or against our competitor, it’s just a direct reporting of what we’ve heard from customers regarding their needs.


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    The Benefits of a Small Premium 

    Everything in life comes with pros and cons, and this is particularly true in the business world. When you hire Get Staffed Up, you may end up paying a bit more as a premium to cover the elite services we provide. Our screening process, for instance, is very in-depth, and it helps to prevent costly turnover. Although customers may pay a bit more for this level of service, things usually come out in the customer’s favor in the long run. This is because of the quality and durability of our assistants. If you were to analyze things on a price basis, certain competitors may seem like a slightly cheaper option on the surface. However, when you dig deeper you can see where the true opportunity lies.

    Remember, investing in your business is a very serious matter, something which can have very profound ramifications. If you only look at the immediate costs, rather than the long-term value and benefits, you may end up ultimately causing damage to your company. 

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    Hopefully, this gives readers a bit more sense of how we operate. As well as, how we compare with others in the industry. For more information, contact us by calling 866-763-2540.

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