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12 Delegation Goals for the New Year

12 Delegation Goals for the New Year

In many Latin American cultures, the most iconic part of New Year’s Eve isn’t a glass of champagne, but rather a cup with 12 grapes. The 12 Grapes of Luck, is a Spanish tradition that has been practiced for many years and it involves eating 12 grapes as the year ends, assigning each one a goal, or intention. Since the end of the year is just around the corner, this is the perfect time to think about how you’re going to improve your delegation skills next year. In this blog, we are going to look at 12 delegation goals for the New Year.

12 Goals For the 12 Grapes

1. Clear Out My Email

In the New Year, tame the email monster by learning the collaborative email delegation system and regain control of your time! Imagine the sheer liberation you’d feel if every single time something came your way – an email, a lunch request, a phone call – you had an assistant to handle it for you. You can’t really imagine how much time you’d save unless you wrote it down. Trust us, it’s a lot.

2. Delegate My Social Media

Deleting your social media presence can help you free up time and reduce stress. No more stressing about what to post on which platform. Focus on your legal work while someone else focuses on growing your digital presence. If you don’t have a team member already to who you can delegate this task, you can think of adding a marketing virtual assistant to your team.

3. Delegate My Legal Calendar

By assigning this task to a team member they will be able to manage your legal calendar and keep you on track. This team member will make sure you don’t miss court meetings, client appointments, and important deadlines by reminding you of your professional schedule.

4. Change My Mindset

The first step is to not worry if more delegation means not getting as much work done personally. Good delegation takes time and practice, each of which will take you away from administrative. tasks. You can download our free resource “7 Delegation Tips Every Attorney Must Know” to learn more about successful delegation.

5. Hire a VA

Too many firm owners let themselves get bogged down in things that might be necessary, but don’t actually help their businesses grow. By getting a virtual assistant to manage your day-to-day tasks, you’ll have more free time and as a result, you’ll be able to work on the things that make a bigger difference to your bottom line.


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    6. Save Up To 20 Hours Per Week

    You should start delegating to a virtual assistant (VA). There are only so many hours in the day, but effective outsourcing can help you free some up. By doing so you will save as much as 20 hours per week in your business.

    7. Delegate Content Creation

    A trusty virtual assistant can help do the heavy lifting by condensing your longer content into shorter formats. They can convert a video blog to a written blog, take excerpts from your podcasts, reformat and post old content to social media, and even proofread and write your articles.

    8. Turn Off The Phone Twice a Week

    If you’re fully utilizing your virtual assistant, you’ll feel the benefits not only across your working life but your personal life too! When you delegate administrative tasks you are able to relax and enjoy time with your loved ones.

    9. Stop Multi-Tasking

    Multi-tasking can lead to memory problems, it reduces our brains’ grey matter, it hurts productivity and efficiency, and it can even increase stress, anxiety, and depression. Focus on one thing at a time.

    10. Organize Digital Files

    All your files should be accessible from any device so you can take a look whenever and wherever you are. A virtual assistant can help you organize and show you the ins and outs of the filing system.

    11. Send Gifts To Clients

    Show your appreciation to your clients by planning and executing customer loyalty incentive programs. Whether it’s Christmas, a birthday, as recognition or a thank you, or any other kind of celebration or occasion, giving gifts to clients is a common and important part of building good business relationships.

    12. Read 1 Book a Month

    Reading is one of the greatest pleasures in life. However, as our schedules fill up and we become increasingly exhausted as the week goes on, it can be a challenge to find time to read. That’s why you have to make time by delegating to others. 

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