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Being Grateful Has No Price

Being Grateful Has No Price

The year 2021 has rushed through. This Thursday is Thanksgiving, a holiday that is known to symbolize that the end of the year is just around the bend. The year 2021 has been another roller coaster of a year, similar to 2020, but with its own set of challenges and experiences. Given all the difficulty we’ve seen in both 2020 and 2021, Thanksgiving should give us the perfect opportunity to express our thanks to our loved ones and colleagues. This year being grateful has no price.

As it turns out, virtual assistants can play a big role in the gifting process. Process which we use to show our appreciation to those around us. Let’s explore the impact which VA’s can make this year.

Giftology: The Power of Gifting 

As the whole philosophy of “giftology” states, gifting carries a significant power in the social universe. When we give gifts to others, we are communicating to them that the relationship is important. In an authentic way, we are strengthening and solidifying our relationships. This is true not just when we give gifts to friends or loved ones, but to colleagues and business partners as well. When you give a vendor a discount or a good deal, this can communicate the value that you place on their business.


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    How a VA Can Assist with the Gifting Process 

    Virtual assistants can create value in a whole variety of ways, and one of these ways is by assisting with the gifting process. This year, when you give out gifts, your VA can help you by researching unique gifts for all those who will be recipients. Your VA can create the list of giftees and keep track of them and the gifts each of them will receive. Giving should never be a chore; your VA can ease some of the potential issues involved when you give gifts to a significant amount of people.

    Don’t Forget to Give to Business Contacts 

    The gifting process just described will dominate the gifting scene to loved ones, friends, and colleagues. But don’t forget to give to business contacts too. Your VA can assist with this part of the gifting process as well. If you’re generous with business contacts – such as customers, vendors, outside professionals, etc. – you can expect this generosity to pay dividends for your business down the road. People have a natural response to generosity; we tend to pay back the generosity we receive, and this also applies in the business world. If your contacts see that you truly value them, they will likely pay it back in various ways, including repeat business.

    Contact Get Staffed Up, LLC for More Information 

    2021 has been another whirlwind year. We’ve seen more shutdowns and more recovery, more trouble with COVID, and more progress toward solutions for the virus. Since we’ve made it this far, we automatically know that we have plenty to be thankful for. For more information on how a VA can help, contact Get Staffed Up, LLC by calling 866-763-2540.

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