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Candid Convos with Rachel Flood

Rachel Flood and our Brand Ambassador, Joe Bravo.

We’re excited to share with you our newest episode of Candid Convos; where we discuss virtual staffing in the new remote economy with a business owner, or lawyer, who utilizes virtual staff. This time, our featured guest is Rachel Flood. Rachel is the Director of Operations at Flood Law Firm, LLC. A personal injury delegation law firm with multiple locations in the state of  Connecticut. What sets the Flood Law Firm apart from other law firms, is that they know what’s at stake and know what you are up against. They have successfully overcome insurance industry tactics for decades.

Rachel happily shares with Joe, the host, how the firm has grown rapidly in the last 9 years. She attributes this success to the desire to help people and the commitment they have to clients. They have recently expanded their team even further with 3 virtual assistants from Get Staffed Up. Joe then asks what are some of the challenges a personal injury attorney faces. Rachel mentions that due to the nature of the cases, attorneys take on the trauma from the clients. Therefore, looking after their mental health and, protecting and supporting each team member is very important. Furthermore, as a large law firm, focusing on effective and efficient communication is paramount. 

Successful Virtual Teams

Joe continues by asking Rachel how was the process of onboarding two new virtual assistants simultaneously. Rachel mentions that the onboarding and training went very smoothly. Since they have multiple offices, they have tools and processes in place to create clear communication channels. In addition, the VAs from Get Staffed Up have fit the law firm’s culture and are a crucial part of the growth of the firm.

Rachel and Joe discuss some tips of advice for everyone out there wanting to work with a virtual team member. The first tip is, to embrace technology and the paperless era. And the second tip is to not be afraid of changes. In addition, Rachel shared how the clients prefer to sign certain documents electronically, and have virtual meetings, making the hybrid offices an ideal situation.

Lastly, hiring bilingual VAs has not only helped them grow and achieve their goals but has also allowed them to communicate better with international and bilingual clients.

Watch the full episode HERE.


How to contact Rachel:

Website: https://www.thefloodlawfirm.com/
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/the-flood-law-firm/


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