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The Perfect “Beach Day”

The perfect “Beach Day”

It’s the end of August, which means that the end of summer is right around the corner. The summer of 2021 has in many ways been a return to a “normal” summer when we compare it to 2020. In the summer of 2020, most places throughout the country were in some phase of lockdown. Many places, in fact, were severely or almost entirely shut down. This summer, the perfect “beach day” felt much better. As spaces began opening up and the weather improved, on the whole, 2021 was much better than the year before. 

This past 30th of August was “beach day,” a day when everyone should take the time to appreciate the beauty of the beach, schedule permitting. As law firm owners, you probably have a very little downtime to appreciate the beach, which makes perfect sense. Running any type of company is typically an all-consuming thing; this is especially true for law firms. But creating some sort of a balance can actually be quite helpful. 

 Balance is KEY to Success 

 Although it may sound counterintuitive, having a balance between work and play can be conducive to business success. Taking time to appreciate things such as going to the beach can actually pay dividends in the conference room and the corporate spreadsheet. The reason is that people naturally need to have downtime. We need time to relax and decompress. If you’re going at 100 miles per hour, all the time, you’re sure to burn out at some point. And even while you’re still going you’ll probably perform worse along the way. You should create a healthy balance between work time and downtime. Beach day is a great way to get started on creating this type of balance.


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    Shortcut to Success: Virtual Assistants

    Balance is definitely one way to improve your business performance. But so is a virtual assistantAfter you’ve achieved the right balance between work and play, you should consider the advantages of a virtual assistant. VAs can provide much-needed help in a range of areas, including marketing, administration, bookkeeping, and so forth. As a business owner, time is one of your most valuable commodities. And time is ultimately the thing which is really being increased when you hire a capable virtual assistant. Your VA will allow you to free up time so you can spend it on other things – including going to the beach!  

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