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Picture This

Picture this

Picture this: Thursday, August 19, is “World Photography Day.” Although this day isn’t as widely known as other special days, such as Valentine’s Day, it is no less important. World Photography Day is the day when we encourage budding artists around the globe to pursue photography as both a hobby and a career. Photographs have the potential to impact our society and our lives in countless ways. Think back on some of the most powerful, memorable photographs of the 20th century, for instance. Oftentimes these photos dramatically changed our perspective or attitude on a particular event or situation. Photographs are not just visually appealing, they have the ability to literally transform our society at a deeper level. 

In this post, we will give a snapshot of something else that can transform your business: virtual assistants. Like a great photographer, a good virtual assistant can create a positive impact on your business.

Imagine Delegating Tasks 

One of the most critical aspects of running a business is time. This is particularly true for law firms. As firm owners are aware, hardly a moment goes by during a workday when you aren’t conscious of your time. As a lawyer, your day is literally spent counting up six-minute increments of time for the purpose of billing clients. And when you’re not billing clients, you’re still thinking about time in various ways. You’re thinking about how long you took for lunch, how long a firm conference will last, and so forth. The question arises: how can you increase your time? 

Increasing your time ultimately comes down to dealing with your set of tasks in a quicker, more efficient manner. If you can’t reduce your number of tasks, then you have to essentially finish those tasks quicker. Better yet, if you delegate tasks, you can outsource those tasks to another person. This is the route that has been proven to be effective. If you delegate tasks to a competent and productive person, you can increase your time by literally removing certain tasks from your own desk. The tricky part, of course, is identifying the person to whom you will outsource these tasks. 


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    Virtual Assistants: The Key To Successful Delegation 

    Virtual assistants are people who are best suited to absorb many of your most time-consuming tasks. Fortunately, at Get Staffed Up, LLC, we’ve already done the difficult part of identifying capable virtual assistants. When you partner with us, you can be confident that we will connect you with someone competent and reliable. By increasing time with a VA, you can increase your revenue by focusing on more value creative tasks, such as client acquisition. Use your newly gained time to add clients and improve your overall financial condition. Take a step toward gaining more time for yourself and get in touch with us today. 

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