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How A VA Can Help Free The World From Pollution

The perfect “Beach Day”

As of late July 2021, our society is grappling with several critical problems. Prominent among these problems is the economy, which is slowly recovering from the government-mandated shutdowns which were intended to halt the spread of the coronavirus. Another big problem we face right now is the threat to our natural environment. This threat takes numerous forms. One of the most significant forms of this threat is pollution. As we know, in some cities in the U.S. (notably Los Angeles), pollution is such a problem that it obscures visibility for residents. It is a problem that requires multiple strategies to overcome. One strategy which may be quite impactful is the increased utilization of virtual assistants. In this post, we will discuss how a VA can help free the world from pollution.

World Nature Conservation Day

Late July is a good time to think about pollution solutions because July 28 is World Nature Conservation Day. This is a day when we appreciate the natural environment and think of ways to improve our relationship with the environment. We must adjust our mindset in many ways to improve our connection with the natural world. Starting by developing workable strategies to reduce our carbon footprints and change our mentality. Often, individuals and companies are overly focused on short-term profits and neglect the long-term implications of their behavior. Improving the natural world also requires an adjustment at this level.


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    How Virtual Assistants Can Help the Planet

    Hiring virtual assistants can do a lot to help the natural environment. VAs can make a substantial contribution toward reducing pollution. Perhaps the most important part of this is the lack of commuting. Since they work remotely, VAs don’t consume additional resources by commuting daily. If you drive to work daily, this can lead to a huge amount of consumption.

    Consider that there are about 250 workdays annually, adjusting for holidays. The average car can travel around 20 miles for every 1 gallon of gasoline consumed. If we assume that most people travel around 20 miles to work one way, then this works out to around 500 gallons per year! The more VAs you hire, the greater the impact. Imagine if you hire 5 virtual assistants to fill 5 positions that were formerly in-house. That could translate to 2,500 gallons of gasoline saved in a single year! Depending on the vehicles used, the saving could be even greater.

    The bottom line is that virtual assistants are one of the most eco-friendly developments in recent years. Virtual assistants have the potential to literally transform the workplace as we realize the environmental benefits of working remotely. And the key thing is that businesses won’t suffer a drop in productivity with VAs. We have the ability to achieve the same results but simply save great amounts of energy.

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