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Highlights of Legalweek(year) 2021

Highlights of Legalweek(year) 2021

Legalweek(year) is the biggest annual conference for legal professionals. And this year, Get Staffed Up was one of the many sponsors at Legalweek. Thousands of legal professionals were present for a series of 5 innovative virtual legal events that tackle the changing legal landscape and provide actionable insights to help legal leaders restructure, rebuild and reinvigorate today’s law firms and legal departments. 

We were honored to cover a track session on a topic that is paramount to us: “Post-pandemic law firm: How the right Virtual Assistant can change your business and your life.” presented by Brett Trembly, co-founder of Get Staffed Up.


  1. Our mission is to help lawyers delegate their way to freedom.

  2. If you have decided that you are too busy to train a virtual assistant (VA). Make a conscious decision to open your mind. Because even though finding the right employee is a tough process, it is the most important part of the road to success. 

  1. Brett used to be a Solo Attorney averaging one billable hour per day; however, after two years of struggles and finally hiring his first VA, he was able to delegate all administrative tasks of his firm, and with that extra time, he was able to focus in his law firm and shortly after bill two hours a day.

  2. During the Covid-19 pandemic, Virtual Assistants became the best option for attorneys and firm owners who want professional service without crazy overheads.

  3. Stress is the gap between where you are and where you want to be.

  4. It’s not too good to be true! You can also have someone with great English and communication skills to tackle your administrative tasks at a very low cost.

  5. We don’t have a poll of VAs like our competitors; what we do is full-time staffing only. We place them with you, and then you decide whether to hire them or not. They will work full-time for you directly and be hired by us to save you time and cost.

  6. Positions in your firm that are great for VA: marketing assistant, legal secretary, receptionist, intake coordinator, client happiness coordinator, file processor, and billing clerk.

  7. The high-paying jobs stay for the local employees, and we do not advocate the unemployment of local talent. The best method is to delegate and elevate.


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    Tips on How to Delegate

    The first method is to make two columns on a piece of paper, write on one side what you like doing, and write on the other side what you don’t like doing. Delegate what doesn’t make you money.

    The second method is to journal everything you do in a week. Take a highlighter and highlight all things you are not getting billed for and delegate those.

    Lastly, treat your offshore members the same way you treat anyone else. That’s the way you build the best team that will grow your firm.

    Watch the complete track session HERE.


    “The right VA doesn’t cost you money but rather makes you money. An offshore VA will cost you about 50% less than a traditional assistant” – Brett Trembly.

    “Your employees are your biggest asset, but most of the time, they are also your biggest headache. Delegation is 20% what you delegate and 80% who you delegate to” – Brett Trembly.

     “It feels great to wake up in the morning and be able to delegate 5-6 things off my plate.” – Christine, GSU client.

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